What S Wrong With The People On This Site

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wetly - October 14

If this site is for teens, I hope it doesn't represent the how teens are in the rest of the world. where i live, teens just don't act like s___ts and sleep with any guy who gets hard. Teens don't want to have baby's knowing they can't take care of them. As a matter of fact, a large number of teens in my neighborhood are abstinent are at least faithful to one partner. The teens use protection and many who have s_x have gotten on some form of birth control. we don't condone homos_xuality and we behave as responsible young adults. we also know that you can't trust everything you see on the internet. Is the rest of the world like the people on this site or does the people on this site make the people in your nieghborhood look like the brady bunch like it does to mine?


mara - October 15

well said wetly. I have found this site to be repulsive. The people who are posting aren't doing themselves any favours, just the language they use is enough to turn me off. I understand that sometimes pregnancy is unavoidable, but if you are very young you have no business experimenting with something that is meant for adults who are truly in love and ready for lifetime commitment. Babies don't deserve to be brought into the world by people who are not mature enough to cope with the demands a small baby brings.


Just me - October 15

Wow you really are a smart one huh? I'm 17 years old and I have not one but TWO babies. I am not a s___t by any means, as the babies belong to my husband!!! No it was not a shotgun wedding either. I am very responsible for my children and we live on our own, without our parents money. He has a decent paying job and we buy everything we need by ourselves. We are not on aid. There are more than one type of teen parent and you must not be as mature as you say you are or you would know that responsible young adults do not pretend to be high and mighty. I am not saying all teen parents are responsible because that would be a lie. But why are you on a teen pregnancy site in the firt place? If you are as holy as you think you wouldn't be concerned with this stuff. It obviously doesn't happen in your neighborhood so there is no reason for you to be here. That is unless you or someone you know is pregant...


P.s. - October 15

My husband is the only man I have been with. And believe me I have had lots of chances to be with other guys. I didn't take them because I Am Such A Big Slut.



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