What Said Your Parents Amp Your Classmates

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Lucy - February 3

A friend of mine gave birth at the age of 17 without anybody knowing about her pregnancy.Even their parents.She came to school until the day she gave birth.A was very shocked when i found out,because i saw her every day and i noticed that she's dressing unusual but i dind't suspect she's pregnant.Since then the subject of preganancy obsesses me.I wanna know what said your parents when they found out,the people surrounding you and your classmates?Because i never had the courage to ask her anything,and she's acting like nothing happend,though everybody knows she has a child.


Hilary - February 3

People found out from rumors because I told a few people. There were rumors that I satanically sacrificed my children even.


becca - February 3

well i wasnt at skule any more when my shcool found out i was pregnant and keeping it they xpelled me so i just told a few of my clossist mates then every1 was fonin me up commin up 2 me actin as if they had a right to no my buisness now i have learned u can never have a private life and y ne body wants 2 b famous i dnt no my parents are okay about it n i got 4 weeks 2 go and i still get people askin me all the questions in the world and no doubt there all b round me xpectin to c my baby, i was like one of the popular gals at skule so every1 a__sumes that my buisness is theres


Rikki - February 25

don't worry about it.....i made a mistake and told few of my closest friends and word spread im still in school coz im only 9 weeks and people are asking like they have a right to know.....people still judge even if they know you,coz my so called best friend did....i don't care what other people say or think because i know i don't hoe around,i have a man and we love each other alot!!!!! try not to worry what others say or think!!!!


Audrey - February 25

Unfortunately many people believe they are child experts as soon as they hear that a woman they know is pregnant. Epecially in schools since gossip travels faster than light! We do not need such people crowding around us and giving questions and advice when they might not know what they are talking about. And to those people who insist on touching your belly without asking permission, tell them how they would like it if some stranger came up to them and started poking their stomach! :-)


Rachel - March 29

I told my blabbermouth 14 year old sister. She told her friend, who told her friend...and so on. Oh My God, when people found out, I think there were like 15 people who didn't call me a whore, or a s___t at least twice. They talked about me like a dog because I'd always been the smart one. Since I didn't really talk a lot, the people who thought I thought I was better than them had a field day. When I got about 6 months pregnant, I begged my mom to homeschool me. School was a living hell to me. My mom was so nice to me during my pregnancy, and was always my shoulder to lean on when I cried. She helped me shop, get baby clothes, and bought my crib for me. My dad was mad as hell, and wanted ot make me live with my aunt. He couldn't even look at me after I told him I was pregnant. He wanted me to get an abortion. My brothers? Whoa. They kept asking me questions about the father. They couldn't get enough of the fact that their "perfect" sister had finally been the one to make the mistake and disgrace their parents. My neighbors weren't much better. They basically, they blamed my parents for not disciplining me, and didn't want me hanging out with their kids. It was kinda old fashioned. Like something you'd see in a movie. They acted like it was their right to act like they did.They acted like I was the only kid in school who had had s_x.


Ashley - April 4

werent u mad that your friend didnt tell u she whuz pregnant? i would be p__sed!



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