What Shall I Do

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emma - January 3

hi i am 9 weeks pregnant but im only 16 and my mum thinks i should get rid of the baby, but i think a little bit different. i mean i dont want to kill my baby because i dont believe in it but im scared that i wouldnt know what to do and it would ruin my life. i really need help i cant make my mind up! and i know if i get rid of it ill blame it on my mum! please help me!!


Grandpa Viv - January 3

I'm sorry you are having to make this tough decision. Few if any women relish the idea of termination. It's against all our instincts, and there is a vocal segment of society that is laying on the guilt every day. The decision has to be yours alone. With considerable help from your family, you will be able to handle the pregnancy as well as anyone else in your situation. On the other hand, if you instead decide to have a child ten years from now, your child will almost certainly have a less stressful beginning and a better chance of success. May the Great Spirit guide you well!


Stacey - January 3

Please dont have an abortion. That's the sissy way out. You will regret it. No matter what age you are, a baby is a blessing and it's a part of your life now. You'll realize when you're older how happy you are and how miserable you would have been if you would have let your baby die. If anything adoption is a wonderful choice, there are many loving and caring people out there who cant have children. I hope this helped. Good luck.


Lisa - January 3

It's never an easy decision to make and as the first post says, it needs to be made by you. It would probably be a good idea to seek professional counselling prior to making your decision. Try not to be influenced by other peoples opinions, you are the one that has to live with the choice you make, not them. Maybe speak to your boyfriend as well, i hope that he will support you either way.



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