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jessica - December 27

im only 17 years old right now. and well me and my boyfriend think im pregnent. and well i dont know if i want the baby at all. but my boyfriend its a total diffrent story. see my boyfriend really wants the baby and does not want to give it up or get an abortion. he says h__l take caer of it no matter what and he wants us to make the dissions togeather. but i just dont know if im ready cause of school and if well be able to take caer of. but like i was saying i dont know if i want to have the baby or keep it and i dont know how to tell him.


Hilary - December 27

Wait to see if u r. Then talk about protection AND STOP USING "IM ONLY"


Grandpa Viv - December 27

I don't think it is realistic to expect a 17 year old male to follow through for the next 18 years on his promises of support. He may just be enamoured of having got you pregnant and the status that gets him amongst his loser friends. Make your decision as though you are going to be facing the future without him.


bAbY_gUrL - December 27

look mija, my name is diana and i am 14 years old. i just found out that i am pregnant and i 2 have a boyfriend that is willing to dedicate his life to me and his baby. now u might be thinking "Oh she's only 14 and what does she know?" well i DO know what i am talking about. my advice to you is not to have an abortion. if you have an abortion, it will affect you mentally, and emotionally. and your boyfriend might not want u no more. just think about that. my cousin who is 19, had an abortion and my whole family went against her. we dont talk to her no more, she didnt get nothing for christmas, and now she must live with the fact that she killed her baby.believe me my boyfriend who is 16, told me that if i ever get pregnant by him not to have an abortion or give it up for adoption. he was begging me. and your man is willing to be there for you then you can do it. you will hurt him incredibly if you do that. but think about it your 17, and im 14. im the one that should be worring about school. you can take night cla__ses, or go to continuation and still graduate. well the choice is yours. i hope you dont regret the choice you pick. if u wanna contact me my e- mail is [email protected]



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