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Lil Rose - November 6

Hi. This is really embarrassing but I need help cuz I dont know what to do. I'm 16 and I've had a boyfriend for nearly two years. One night I got really drunk and ended up having unprotected s_x with a guy friend of mine. He came inside me. Now I'm scared that I'm pregnant tho I havent experienced any for sure signs yet. But if I am what do i do? I love my boyfriend more than anything in this whole world. I know this is horrible but I even have been contemplating having it if I am pregnant and telling my boyfriend that it's his. The other thing on my mind is an abortion, but I really dont beleive in that and they'll put it on my record and later on it could come up and I wouldn't want anyone to know, especially my boyfriend who I may marry. The final option is to just tell the truth but I cant lose my boyfriend. Please help, I know I made the worstmistake of my life but please please tell me what u would do if in my postion.


La - November 6

Hey slow down!!! Before you start worrying about all this you need to find out if you are actually pregnant!! You could be worrying over nothing. Now, how long ago did this happen and have you missed a period yet? If you have missed a period go to your doctor and have the tests done. These will be more reliable than a home test. If you do turn out to be pregnant do NOT pretend that it is his (if you know this for sure? Would you know for sure? If not - paternity tests) You would have to live with this lie for life, it would not be fair on your boyfriend and the child, or even the friend you had s_x with for that matter. If you did decide on abortion your medical notes are completely confidential and nobody but you and the doctor will have access to this information. If it turns out you are not pregnant let it be a warning to you not to do something so stupid again. Being drunk is most peoples excuse but it doesn't make it any more acceptable. So step 1 is to find out if you are pregnant and take it from there.


Lil Rose - November 7

thanks a lot! It happened on Devil's Night. And I havent had a missed period yet but I'm expecting it Tuesday and so far I dont have any cramps or anything (and I usually do) But I guess your right I do need to slow down and think things true and I really wouldn't know whose it was for sure either.


La - November 7

Hi. They do say that worrying can cause your period to be late. I know its hard but try to keep yourself calm. It is quite early to start experiencing symptoms, but these usually are like period signs. Most common signs are missed period obviously, blood spotting, tender b___sts and feeling tired all the time. Some people say sickness and nausea but usually morning sickness (or all day sickness for me!) doesn't start until you are around 7 weeks. What I would say is try your best not to constantly think about it and worry, wait until Tuesday and if your period doesn't come for say a week, make an appointment with your doctor to have a blood test as they are usually more accurate. As I said, your notes are strictly confidential by law and medical professionals and staff are by law not allowed to discuss your case with anyone without your permission. If you are pregnant and decided to keep the baby I think you would need a paternity test, and for this both guys would be informed what it is for. Oh I do really feel for you. Sometimes mistakes have awful consequences. But remember you aren't alone. It's happened many times before and people get through it. Good luck!


Lil Rose - November 7

Thanks again for all of the help! I really appreciate it. I'm just gonna try to stay calm and wait for tuesday (or a week after) like you said.


Yg - December 2

i feel that you should first find out if your pregnant and then take action because who knows maybe you are not pregnant



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