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claire xxx - November 24

I'm 16 years old and i think i may be pregnant? Just a week ago i had a period for one day and thats never happened to me before i normally last 6-7 days... it seems to be implantation bleeding could it be that? I was with my lad for 6 months but we have split although we still regularly still see each other and stay at each others houses! My period is late now but i still think it may be too early to tell if i definetely pregnant or not it will only be 2 weeks on friday since i had s_x last with my ex boyfriend! I have been nausea and feeling very tired! i know if i am pregnant i will keep it but i still have to face telling my ex boyfriend and i really dont know how he will react? Am i pregnant? please someone help me and keep in contact with me as i need someone to speak to!


Audrey - November 24

Judging by the symptoms there's a good chance that you are pregnant. It's too early for anything to show on a test, so you'd have to wait until you expect your next period. If you are pregnant, the father of the child should know about it and the two of you can talk about what can be done. Get some support from your parents if you can. Best of luck.


claire xxx - November 25

I have said to my mum but she has never mentioned anything of it since! She knows that im planning on going to the family planning clinic next week or as soon as! If i was to phone up my dad i know he would support me 100% but i still dont want to say anything in case im not! i thought i could maybe talk to my mum about it but obviously not!! If i've worked out my due dates for my period properly then i am already late from my periods although its only been 2 weeks tomorrow since i last had s_x with him! Will i have to wait until nxt week to get a preg test? please write back xxx


vf - November 25

"we have split although we still regularly still see each other and stay at each others houses" you call that split?


claire xxx - November 25

yeah i would...sorta...what would you call it like? write bk x


vf - November 25

it just sounded by that statement that you seem to be together! If you can't let go of each other why split?


claire xxx - November 25

i really don't know...id go back out with him just like that and a lot of people say we will get back together properly but i really dont know! im not ha__sling him about getting back in case i push him away! i need the break just now as it is! but its him who keeps running back to me when he said he wasnt ready to go back out with me just yet! i dont know what to do? any ideas?


T - November 27

Claire - You need to tell him you may be pregnant. And you also need to get the pregnancy confirmed. Based on what you;ve said it sounds like you need to wait another 2 weeks before you can do a pregnancy test. But you also said your period is late now. So I would test now too incase you conceived earlier than you think. Just to be safe. Tell your boyfriend you may be pregnant.


Lisa - November 27

A blood test should detect a pregnancy test now if you don't want to wait. Try not to be too alarmed, and maybe put off speaking to your boyfriend until you are 100 per cent sure, he may begin to panic unnecessarily. It doesn't seem as though you are in a stable relationship and he may not support you. There are plenty of places that can offer you the support and guidance you need, but find out first. It's very early days


qa - November 27

It sounds like he's just using you for s_x, and doesn't want the ha__sle of the relationship.


T - November 28

Claire - I dont mean to sound like a b___h or a cow but you really need to forget about how much fun you had last night and get your arse to the doctors. Putting off finding out is going to leave less options available to you. You sound pretty immature by your last post. You seem more wrapped up in finding out whether you have another chance with your ex-boyfriend then finding out if you are pregnant. You need to find out if you are pregnant! So stop putting it off and go to the doctors this week for a blood test. I dont think you understand how important this is. Not just to you but to your childs health. So go to the doctors! Good Luck.


claire xxx - November 28

T im sorry im not immature and i know what i want! I am actually finding out tomorrow if i am pregnant or not thank you very much... but i had been giving advice to wait at least just past 2 weeks since you last had s_x to get a pregnancy test done! so i had to wait until tomorrow!!!!!!! yeah i want to know if me n him will ever get back together again because id like to know if hell be by me as well as me and the baby ( if i am) if you get what i mean? I know uz are giving me the best advice that you can and i really appreciate that!! honestly! im not immature i just dont want to be left on my own!


T - November 28

Claire - Im sorry Im just having a bad day. You know when you snap at everyone? - well thats me today.I know your not being immature but dont worry about your boyfriend. Worry afterwards. Deal with finding out if you are pregnant or not first then sort him out afterwards. You dont want undue stress if you are pregnant. It wont help you or the baby. Good luck tomorrow okay.


claire xxx - November 29

Thanks T..dont worry i was having a bad day as well every1 said to me yesterday at my work why you snapping? hehe Thanks for the luck because i think im going to need it..really not feeling very well this morning! and its a thought to have to go myself! I'll let uz know xxx Ps T keep smiling :D


claire xxx - November 29

Well people i went to the family planning clinic and itcame bk negative she said its too early too tell if im pregnant or not :( she said im going to have to come back nxt week or the week after!!! another week or 2 weeks wondering if i am or not :( ill guess ill just have to wait until then which means im going to have to try n sort things out wit my boyfriend! how to? i duno! xxx thanks again keep postin x


T - November 29

Claire - I'll keep trying to smile, lol. Thats good about going to the clinic. It probably was too early to tell. I would wait 2 weeks then go back or buy a dipstick pregnancy test in a weeks time and use this. The dipstick looks for a smaller amount of HCG. Which means you can test earlier. So about a week or two should be okay. Now you gotta talk to your ex-boyfriend. Just sit him down and tell him you want to know whether he wants to get back with you. Theres no point you chasing around after him hun. He might just like the chase and could be giving him a big head. So have a chat to him and take care meanwhile. :o)


claire xxx - December 3

hey strangers...wel this has been the longest week eva n yet still no sign of my period! so i duno what to think really! :( still not had the chance to speak to my ex but i found out he was trying to meet up with this other gal on monday but she never because of me! shes meeting me today but i dont really know what shes wanting to tell me :( im sure it will be fine i think ive came to the conclusion of im not going to chase after him im going to stick being mates with him for the time being..he knows where i am at the end of the day! and yes if it does come back that i am pregnant then yeah i am definetely going to tell him and i know we're going to have to discuss it all! but he'll have his responsibilities and he'll have to grow up..no choice! T i hope your still smiling :D xxxx



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