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tiff - April 28

i am now 7 weeks pregnant and my family is behind me the entire way but i wanted the father of the child ot be. He says that its not his and just runs his mouth but i know it is. one day he'll be all excited and can't wait the next day hes back to the its not mine thing. should i just give up on him? my mother is getting p___sed at me for still wanting him there and says we can do it on our own. but my child won't have a father on her birth certificate. or one to grow up with. what should i do? Just leave him alone? im 17 and don't want o do this by my self but also don't want ot keep dealing with all the stress and drama of everybody coming up to me and saying o tony said this. I don't know who else to ask.


to tiff - April 28

That's a sticky situation it's good for the father to be around, but he is causing to much stress. Maybe you need to have a sit down with him, be serious with him. Ask him why is saying one thing one day and something else another day. Tell him how you feel about the whole thing and than ask him how he feels. If it doesn't work it just doesn't work at least you have your family. This isn't the time to stress, you have a beautiful baby on the way... congrats, everything will work out. :)


tiff - April 28

thanks but i've tried that he just doesn't listen. and still denies it.


Audrey - April 28

Tiff- The baby's father is probably scared and needs to re-evaluate his life. Now that there's a child coming, he might feel that his future will be ruined. This isn't the case, many couples go on to have wonderful lives if they apply themselves appropriately. You've already told him your sid, so just give him a little time to get over the shock and think things through. If you wish to convince him that the child is his, get a DNA test done. That should put to rest any doubts. Best wishes!


beans - April 28

Hi Tiff - remember you're only 7 weeks... both you and Tony have a long wait before the baby comes. I'd follow your Mom's advice, leave him be, and then reevaluate the situation a month or two before the baby comes. Then I'd talk to him again, and his parents, and ask if they'd like to be involved. If not, that's when you simply do a paternity test and demand child support. Maybe once you start to show everything will become more "real" for him and he'll start to get a clue. Remember guys mature way slower than women... As for the high school b.s. - just keep in mind that it's only high school b.s. Unfortunately, it's something everyone has to go through. In 5 years, well.. maybe 10... you won't even care about the "he said she said" c___p anymore. Best of luck and congrats!


tiff - May 2

thank you all for your advice he just won't listen so im gonna leave him alone and wait until im farther along to try and talk to him. if it doesn't work thenn ill get a dna test to prove it. o and hes not in high school he is 19 and not living with his parents, doesn't know his father and his mother is um lets say very irresponsible her daughter was taken away at birth because of drugs. so if anyone will be involved it would only be him for the sake of my child.



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