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Magical Nightingale - January 31

I'm fourteen, turning fifteen in March, and I just found out I'm pregnant. The father is thirty-seven. We've been seeing each other for eight months now. He has promised to stay with me and help raise the baby, and own up to being the father. But it's illegal for him to be. I love him, and I don't want him to get sent to prison. Should I lie about the baby's father?


Magical Nightingale - January 31

It's that's all you have to say don't bother answering. I don't need it. Okay.


Skyeblue - January 31

If this is true...1) GROW UP 2) TELL MOMMY AND DADDY 3) GO TO THE POLICE AND GET YOUR SICK ASS BF IN JAIL 4) CONTACT THE WOMAN WHO JUST POSTED ABOUT WANTING AN OPEN ADOPTION. But I just have one question that I would like you to answer honestly, where did you meet your gem of a bf?


apr - January 31

Ok Magical Nightingale. I am turning 16 in April. My boyfriend is turning 48 in June. I love him with all my heart and soul, and can never imagine spending my life without him. We've been together for 2 months and he's the love of my life. Only problem is, he's married with 3 kids and has a wife. He has promised to stay with me and divorce his wife. But I am scared to tell my parents. They might send him to jail, and then I'll miss him so much. What do I do?


apr - January 31

hahaha. I have a great imagination


apr - January 31

skyeblue-she doesnt answer questions just like 'why' and 'alone'. i bet you shes the same silly little girl whos bored out of her wits.


Magical Nightingale - January 31

No. It's because it's none of your business. I ask for help and this is what I get. Thank you oh so very much you conceited, insular, pathetic excuses of human beings.


abriamiacadia - January 31

Good gracious honestly lol, what would a 37 yr old want w/ a 14 yr old...either the man is like...the online predators ( i watched that last night, with the men trying to seduce the 13 yr. old..fun fun) Honestly...kids these days...My baby's not gonna use a computer lol. And if he/she does...i'm monitering dammit! lol. Anyways, if this is true..(bs) then lmao, when your like raising the baby at like 25 and your pregnant w/ 5 more kids, he'll be dead, where will that leave you? unless he's one of them rich oldies..then that'll leave you rich lol. Drop him because He doesnt love you. He just wanted s_x..probably because his wife (that you may or may not know about) Is a prude w/ 6 of his kids and she's depriving him from s_x. Grow up sweetie. If this is a fake...then d__n ya'll little girls, i swear i've had it w/ ya'll. STUPID girls who call us names, cause they are dying to get pregnant, so they make up a story then get caught...-_-


CAROL - January 31

Now, now, let's give this poster the benefit of the doubt. Even if she's not legit, perhaps others reading this are dating an older man and will soon be in the same situation. Anyway, girl, this man is raping you. Yes, rape. When a man is twice as old as you and then some and having s_x with you, you must think surely there is something wrong with him. And there is. He is a pedophile. He doesn't love you, he is in love with having s_x with children. Any grown man with self respect would never touch a fourteen year old. However, you must do what is right and let it be known who the biological father of this child is. Should he or she ever have medical problems, knowing who the biological parents are is imperative. I wouldn't worry about him being sent to prison. A few years from now when you are older and more mature, you will be infuriated that you were raped over and over and over by a pedophile and relieved that his warped soul is in prison, where he can get his due. Ped's aren't loved in prison for anything other than their a__s, but that's neither here nor there. Believe everyone when they say that this man doesn't care for you, for if he did, he would not put you and himself at risk like this. Anyway, good luck and have a happy life and all that.


crackersforme - January 31

...giving Magical the benefit of the doubt - it seriously can happen. I was in a relationship with a guy when I was younger for 4 years. Granted, I wasn't as young as 15, but I was 20 (therefore legal) & he was almost 30 years older than me. We actually got along REALLY great, but things fell apart slowly.


Blackeye - January 31

THIRTY SEVEN YEARS OLD??Oh my god...And you are 15 soon..that is RAPE!! He could be your father girl! He will never stay with you after people find out you are pregnant. And i can promise if you tell your parents that they will go straight to the POLICE and get him arrested. And by the way...YOU ARE SICK!! I hope you have good parents because your BOYFRIEND or the rapist will try to get custody of the baby and he will do that because you are to young. How did you meet this guy?a thirty seven years old?is he your teacher?You should talk to your parents and get an abortion or adopt your baby away to better parents than you and the old guy.


tennesseewlkr07 - January 31

Well its seems really hard to give advice on things like this when they seem like a load of c___p to me anyways. But ill try, when i was 14 i was dating a guy that was 22 and i thought everything was great but trust me girl its all just a game to them, they say they love you hell your so young im sure you dont even know what love means yet! But now its not just about you anymore there is a child involved and lying about the father isnt going to solve anything. People are eventually going to find out. And what happens when this 37 yr old wants to see the baby and have it call him daddy? You cant just tell your parents oh ya i forgot to tell ya this is the father! I don think that would go over to well. People are going to find out wether you want them to or not and there will be consequences for yalls actions


ROBYN - January 31

Hes a child molester and needs to be in jail i am 37 years old and find this absolutely disgusting this is rape i am in law enforcement i will tell you its s_xual battery and he will be known and cla__sified as a s_x offender forever i deal with this every day i hope you tell your parents and they decide to press charges and you get counseling you will so desperately need you are a child. Have your parents get a restraining order on his a__s and hopefully your parents can keep a tighter leash on their 14 year old child having s_x with a 37 year old molester.


Brandi - January 31

This is really sick and lame...but to be honest, I wouldn't be all that surprised to find out it's true. Young girls are so easily manipulated.


candaceann1 - January 31

I am not a teen, but I gotta admit, I read this forum for a good laugh everyday. Its sad because someday, this generation is going to be running the world, YIKES! Why are you this bored at 14 that you have to makeup such c___p?? Do you honestly believe that this board is not monitored? Everytime you login, your IP address is registered. If your story is crazy enough, I'm sure you can be tracked down by authorities.


Meghan - January 31

that is child molestation, hands down. regardless if its consentual or not. your "boyfriend" has some serious mental issues I am sorry but people like him should be in jail. this just makes me sick.


AbbiesMummyEm - January 31

apr dont do that you had me fooled for a minute!!!



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