What Should I Do ASAP

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Samantha - May 2

My exboyfriend and i were having problems. so i cheated on him, i got drunk one night and hooked with a guy i work with. Well now im pregant. He has a girlfriend and he really doesnt want me to have the baby, but he is not forcing me to get rid of it. I am not ready and neither is he? But my mom is secratary at a catholic church and i have very strong feelings against abortions. What should I do? Tell my mom or get rid of the baby?


Cheryl - May 2

If you are not ready to parent then will you consider adoption rather than abortion? We have been looking to adopt for about three years now. If you would like to talk about your feelings whatever they are you can email me [email protected] I wish you the best whatever you decide. God Bless, Cheryl


Lace - May 2

Samantha, Cheryl was my foster mom. Her family is really great. I still visit them and talk to her often. They are very active and lots of fun. If you do consider adoption you should talk to her. Good luck and take care.


Anne - May 2

Hello Samantha, I hope you are feeling well. I can surely understand your feelings on abortion as I too am Catholic. It is a tough choice when your not ready but yet one of the options is one that you may not believe in. My Mom is a birthmom and had my brother when she was 16. She was raised Catholic so she chose adoption and placed him with a family in Ma__sachusetts. Back then there was only closed adoption. She had to wait until he was 21 to ever see him. They are now reunited and have a lovely relationship. Now my husband and I are looking to adopt a baby. My Mom has been very supportive in our search for a birthmom and we are able to better understand the feelings you may be having by talking to her. We desire open, semi-open or closed adoption based on the circ_mstances of the birthmom and her wishes. If you wish to talk with us, please feel free to email me at [email protected]


Cheryl - May 2

Samantha I forgot to mention we have a 4 year old adopted son. We have an open adoption arrangement with his mother. She recieves pictures and sends pictures to us of her and his siblings. And she and the siblings talk to us on the phone. We also have occa__sinal visits. In your case as Anne stated it would be up to you how open you would want your adoption depending on your personal feelings. I would be willing to discuss any of that with you if you would like. I know you haven't made any decisions. Please take your time and consider your options carefully. My husband and I have been married 11 years. We are mature stable and secure in our relationship. I would be happy to answer any questions you may have about us. Again I wish you the best always. [email protected]



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