What Should I Do Next

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lisa - October 21

im only 16 and im 7 weeks pregnant, i dont no when to tell my boyfriend or when to tell my parents... i have gone to the doctors and both a blood test and a htp have came back positive, i am soo scared plz can anyone out there tell me what to do....


L - October 21

Why are u posting the same question twice?


hello - October 21

tell someone now!!!! no need to wait, it's better for you, the baby, and everyone!


Gemma - October 21

I really feel for you as it must be so scary telling your parents and your boyfriend. I think that you need to tell your parents soon though and they may be angry at first but I'm sure they will calm down after a while. When you tell your boyfriend hopefully he will want to stick by you but if not he isn't worth it anyway. Even if your parents stay angry longer than expected as soon as you have your baby they will be happy i'm sure. Maybe you should try telling the parent that you are closer to first and then letting them tell the other one. GOOD LUCK


RG - October 21

tell your boyfriend first, then figure out how ur gunna tell yours and his parents and make sure he is with you because it is his responsibility too!


lucy - October 21

you need help you didn't think about this when you were up in the bed??


A friend - October 21

First of all, you don't need to answer the question above mine - no need to get into that now. Focus on what you need to do moving foward. Yes, tell your boyfriend and parents. If all those people love you, they will guide you through this and do what is best for you and the baby. Just remember that whatever decision you make, is yours to live with. Adoption, keeping the child or abortion. This is your history. You're writing all the pages of your life, be sure you don't have any regrets when you look back. Whatever you choose - it won't be easy. Best of luck to you Lisa.


BRITT - October 21

well when i was pregnant (lost my baby) i told my boyfriend and he was really happy and i was takeing care of my self and then i told my uncle because im not oler then you but trust me it dont matter how old you are it all depends how machure you are and i think that you should tell your boyfriend 1st because he has the right to know that youre haveing his baby then BOTH should sit down and tell your parents i know that telling your parents is going to be hard but if you think about it if you are planning on haveing youre baby then they are gonna find out anyway GOOD LUCK!!



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