What Should I Tell My Doctor

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Krystal - January 8

I made a appointment for birth control for jan 3,2006. On December 31,2005 I started spotting lightly and I thought it was my period. But Im confused now if it was or not. Because it was alot shorter and lighter then my normal periods and plus on the forth day (jan 4) i stopped bleeding for several hours then it came back lighter and brown. Well I dont want to take the birth control which im possed to start tomorrow if theres any chance that im pregnant. They didnt give me a pregnancy test on jan 3 bc i told them i was on my period and so anyways i have another apointment on jan 11 to get a pap SMIER sould I not start taking the birth control tomorrow and when i go to the doc explain to them why i didnt start and why they should give me a pregnancy test or would i mess everything up if i dont take on tomorrow (sunday, jan 8,2006) im really confused and dont know what to do. Please and thank you for ur advice.


Jbear - January 8

Could you take a home test tomorrow before you start taking the birth control?


courtney - January 8

hey!! i would go ahead and take it i think. that is if you are s_xually active at the moment...sounds like it!! ya know, just incase you arent preggo, just to be on the safe side. and let them know wen u go to the dr. that u think u might be and get a test! a few days on BC wont hurt.


Krystal - January 8

Yea I can. Thats a good idea! Thank you soo much. I'll update tomorrow and tell yall whats going on.


Len - January 9

Why can't you tell your doctor what you've told us here? Do you really think he cares one way or another? Just tell him the truth.


krystal - January 9

because im a really shy person... I cant build up the courage to tell him bc, well i just dont know why..i tried last time i was there..but i couldnt. i know that sounds wierd, but everyone is different.


Len - January 10

Krystal, I understand shyness, but give me a break. You're not too shy to have s_x right? Having s_x is the most vulnerable you'll ever be, so get over the shyness and tell you doctor what you told the forum here. he sees hundreds of patients, you 're no different. If your shyness is keeping you from seeking health and medical advice form a DOCTOR, then you belong in a forum for shy people, not pregnant people!


lynn - January 10

Call your doctor today and tell him what you said here over the phone.It may help with you being shy.Even if he is not in a nurse could let you talk to anther doctor or give you advice yourself.



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