What The Hell Is Wrong With Alot Of You

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Suzan - October 23

i dont get this if you dont care about having a child and you just want to kill it then why dont you STOP HAVING SEX or USE PROTECTION??? what the h__l why are you coming on to a site that is to talk about TEEN PREGNACY telling everyone about abortions? your all just putting negitive things in other teen parents heads!!!! its not that fuking bad to have your child and take care of them or put them up for adoption goodness what the h__l go find an abortion support group or something!


Jennifer - October 24

I know!! Damn, like my ex friend, shes been pregnant like 3 times, and she says if she's not married she'll have an abortion, so far she's miscarried every time and she already has a baby. I mean then USE PROTECTION!! I don't know if it's just in my community, but a lot of teen mothers that I've known, still don't use any method of protection!! How Ignorant is that? I don't think that's even ignorance it's just plain STUPID!!


suzan - October 24

i agree with you! eventhough i did get pregnant again but im not going around trying to kill it i love my children and could never think of killing either of them i just seen this and kinda got upset since people come to sites that say teen pregnancy for help not to be talked into an abortion


yes!!! - October 24

i hear you!!!! preach on sista!!!!


Jbear - October 24

I think the reason so many teens are having abortions instead of using birth control is that they are either afraid to go get birth control, or they have asked their parents for it and the parents have said no. Then when they get pregnant, the parents have to do something about it. The only way to stop this is to really talk to our kids about s_x, and ask them if they want birth control. We have to realize as parents that we can't just forbid our kids to have s_x so we don't have to talk about it.


. - October 24

Birth control is not 100% effective. The people who ask about abortion are pregnant and have just as much right to be here as you. If you have anti-abortion beliefs and cann't "handle" reading it, stay out of those topics.


- October 24

I don't think its the birth control, its the people, they're not taking them like they should. I know this girl who has had 5 abortions, and I'm sure there's people who've had more, I really don't think it should be used as a contraception


CAROL - October 24

Here goes the Pro-Lifers, again. Ladies, please. If you do not like abortion, move to a country where women have no rights. Really. Women are already, in my opinion, second cla__s citizens. When we remove the right to control our bodies, we have effectively become slaves. You can scream "USE PROTECTION" all you want. Protected s_x is a joint effort between a man and a woman; if none is used, in the end, the man can leave and the woman is left alone. Sometimes, abortion is the only choice. Don't preach against that right, YOUR right.


to Carol - October 24

They can preach all they want...just like you preach condoning abortion. If you dont like it...then you can leave too, by all means. But we do have the right to post an opinion........ just like you do and all your idiot ideas.


CAROL - October 24

Giving up your rights as a woman to me sounds rather much like an idiot idea...


To Carol - October 24

And by the way...using protection is NOT a joint effort. Having s_x is a joint effort(unless forced).....it doesnt take a man for a woman to be on birth control and it doesn't take a woman for a man to put on a condom.(but the woman should demand it if she is otherwise unprotected)These are personal choices and if an individual chooses to have s_x without these...then it is their sole fault if they end up pregnant or get someone pregnant.We all have to take responsibilites for our own bodies. I sure as hell wouldn't leave it up to my partner to not get me pregnant....that I will do on my own. Suzan is just stating that if woman dont want babies and are s_xually active......then they need to do the responsible thing and get on some form of bc.


Bonnie (aka, pro-choice) - October 24

Pro-life or Pro-choice, we should really all be more respectful of each other. In the end it doesn't really matter too much what your opinion is on the subject. Number one, it is legal. Number two, it is pregnancy-related. Maybe UNWANTED pregnancy, but pregnancy never the less therefore it IS relevant to this Web site......... there is nothing wrong with stating an opinion either way on the subject. But you cannot expect people to not post about it seeking advice. If it bothers you that much, feel free to e-mail the Web site admin. ......P.S. Just a sidenote to those that are extremely pro-life and anti-abortion. If you feel that strongly about the subject, you would get your point out a lot better by being friendly and offering alternatives to abortion that cursing at people and throwing temper tantrums about it.


To Carol - October 24

How is using protection giving up your rights?......Abortions are used for different reasons...but I am disgusted with the way people abuse the use of having abortions when it's to their convenience....I believe a person can make a mistake....and do what they must..but to continuously do so shows they have a lack of morality and no responsibility


CAROL - October 24

Using protection isn't giving up your rights. Being unable to have an abortion in this "free" country is. The Bush administation is currently trying to overturn the Roe v. Wade decision. If this goes through, it will be very difficult for women to have an abortion preformed, if they live in a "red" state, ie, conservative state. They will often have to travel to another city/state maybe country (Canada) to have an abortion. That's ridiculous! The men in charge of this country are pious and self serving. We, whether pro choice or pro life, must fight to retain our rights as women. We don't need to HAVE an abortion, but we must not discriminate against those who do. We must keep this service avaliable. Once they take control of our reproductive choices, what comes next?


P.S. - October 24

I agree with JBear that a lot of people just won't bother with protection. My best friend was that way and it drove me nuts. She had 3 abortions before she got old enough that she wanted kids (she now has 2). It really bothered me as they just wouldn't be responsible and use anything (not to mention, her last abortion was far enough along they had to dilate her over 3 days and knew the s_x because they didn't have the money to abort sooner). Her situation really ticked me off as it was a combination of irrisponsibility and stupidity. But not everyone is in that situation. I, myself, had an abortion at age 18 due to a condem breaking. It only took once. I'm not going to debate the right and wrongs of abortions and to this day I have no regrets over my decision back then. But without more information from the posters of these threads, you really just don't know what their situation is. It would make more sense to find out more information for each situation before jumping to conclusions about that person. ~off my soap box now~ :P Good luck all.


Bonnie - October 24

The P.S. was from me (man you guys type fast)


Bah - October 24

Bush is anti-abortion but they are making no active movements to overturn Roe vs. Wade. And (IMO) they won't anytime soon. Bush has enough problems to deal with without adding another controversial problem. I highly doubt abortion will ever turn back over either (though never say never). Even tho a lot of people are against it, the majority by far are pro-choice......................For my own view, I do wish they would regulate it a bit more. I.E. eliminating second trimester abortions unless medically necessary. But that is just my opinion.



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