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CaliKirsten - June 28

Okay, so first off, my name is Kirsten and I'm 17. I live in Beverly Hills California, and i just joined this site. Anyways, last weekend I went to the doctor and he gave me a pregnancy test that determined that I am pregnant(3 weeks). I'm scared to death, not financially, but as far as what the HELL i'm going to do, and what this is going to do for my reputation. There is like NO ONE at Beverly Hills HS with children already, and as much as i'm trying to be positive about this, i'm scared to death. My boyfriend and I have been together for 4 years, and I know we will get married one day. He is already being more positive then me, in fact, hes excited! I am just nervous because we cant seem to even agree on a name..how are we going to get anywhere past that? And..what am I going to tell my parents? Does anyone have any ideas, or have been through this before? Thanks, Kirsten


BabyG - June 28

hey Kirsten, i am 19 and have a 6 month old son, if your parents are anything like mine they will be socked, and probably will talk to you for about a whole day on your options. my mom made me take a pregnancy test the day after graduation and obviously it was positive from then on it was a blur. My mom and dad and my bf sat down and talked for a few hours i was scared didn't hear a word they said. after that day my mom was really suportive and now is a very happy Grandma. All i can say is your really confused right now but that will get better. I was so scared to emotional so everything that i could think straight for a couple months but after going to the doctor and having an ultra sound and seeing your baby everything is worth it! if you want you can talk to me email me at [email protected]


Grandpa Viv - June 28

I can guarantee you that plenty of girls at your high school have been pregnant. Because of the social pressures there, they and their families chose not to go through with it. Drop some hints to your mom (weird period, cramps, tired etc. and pretty soon she will ask you the right question. After that there will be a family conference and you and the team will decide the best way to handle the situation. Good luck!



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