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ella431 - January 22

Hello everyone, im currently 17 years old and just found out I was pregnant. On January 12th I had a positive hpt, I went to get blood taken on January 19th. The results came back today (22nd) that my beta HCG is at 703. The girl on the phone thinks I am about 3 weeks, does this sound right? Of course Im really scared, my boyfriend wants me to abort he says we are too young for this and he isnt supporting me if I keep it. I dont know what to do im alone and confused. I have been living on my own since I was 16, in an apartment which has been hard working to pay for it. My mom will not let me live with her nor will she help out if I keep it. Do any of you have msn so we can talk? Any of you in the same situation where your boyfriend wants you to get rid of it but you dont? Thanks and good luck with your pregnancies


CAROL - January 22

With a hcg level of 703, I would think you would be more than three weeks. At three weeks, typical levels are from 5-50. Of course, this is for a singleton pregnancy. A level of 703 would more likely make you around 5 weeks (maybe your doctor said you're 3 weeks, as in three weeks since conception, five weeks since your last period). I can't really give you any thoughts about your boyfriend, other than he decided to have s_x, and now he must own up to his responsiblities. You don't get to have all the fun in making a baby and then cut out once you decide the party's over.


Melissa30 - January 22

Regardless if he wants to help out or not, the law is on your baby's side. It will be your baby's right to have its father pay child support. If you don't want to kill your baby, then don't. it is ultimitaly your decision and no one elses.


Grandpa Viv - January 22

hCG levels are not considered a reliable means of dating a pregnancy - first trimester ultrasound is. Honestly, it does not sound as though you will have the means to keep the baby, unless you can come up with family support. Chat with ppowb if you wish. Good luck!


AyameLovesXion - January 22

You can get help through the state if you call your court houses and such. So I suggest looking into that, and if you want the baby then keep the baby, it really is your decision. And the father doesn't have a choice if he wants to support you or not, he made the child too, so he will have to support his child weither he wants to or not. Good luck.


mrs.vegas - January 25

i agree about your boy friend. it is your decision to keep this baby if you want. i got pregnant at 18 and my boyfriend wanted me to abort, and his family did too. i don't know about you, but i don't let other people make my decisions for me. i decided to keep my baby, and now my daughter is almost 8 years old, and she is the best thing that has happened to me. i am now married to my wonderful husband who loves me and lets me make my own decisions, and we are 13 weeks pregnant! it sounds like you're pretty independent and although it will be very difficult, i think you'll be just fine taking care of your baby. you can get help from the state, and the dad will have to contribute weather he wants to or not.



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