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Ky_la_02 - September 29

This summer was very chaotic for me. My dad passed away in June and obviously it caused a lot of stress. My periods have always, always stared the same day every month until that happened. In July I had no period and in August it was twelve days later than it always had been and only lasted three days. This month (counting from the day I got it last month) it’s a week late. I’m thinking about taking a pregnancy test but also thinking about waiting. I was extremely nauseated a couple weeks ago, mostly from smells, it was weird; but it’s gone away and besides horrible cramping and a missed period I haven’t been feeling anything weird. My family has been through a lot already and I partly don’t want to know if I’m pregnant because I know it’s going to have a huge affect on everyone. I’m really scared.


kwilliams - September 29

Hey sweetie! First of all, I cant stress how important it is for you to find out if you are pregnant. You need to know because you need to take the correct precautions if you are! Also, with a tragedy (i send my prayers) like that your whole body will go through some really weird changes! Good luck and let us know if you are!


ChattyKathy - September 29

If you are pregnant, you need to know. The first few months of a baby's development are the most important. You need vitamins. You need to eat healthy. You need to take care of yourself. If this has happened, you need to face it.


Ky_la_02 - October 8

Thank you ladies for your answers. I took an hpt a couple days ago, and it was negative. I'm just sooo confused! Still no period, a ton of cramping my face is breaking out and it seems like I have to pee at least twice every hour! I went to the doctor for a cold/flu thing and he told me that with all the stress I went through over the summer my body could just be playing catch-up, but it's just way weird for me to miss not one, but two periods. I don't know what to think anymore!



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