What To Do About Baby

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Mariah - May 12

Next year is my Senior year and i don't want to spend my last year pregnant. I kno how people r and i kno people will run their mouth. I still haven't told my moma yet she will be PISSED!!!!! The only person i told is my boyfriend and he dosen't want to keep it. He says "18 is too damn young to be a Daddy." I am so scared I don't kno wut i should do.


yungmama - May 12

Well, first of if your bf thinks 18 is "too d__n young to be a daddy" then he is too d__n young to be having s_x (especially without proper protection). Do not make any decisions based on what anyone else feels or thinks. This will effect you more than anyone. Your mom will probably be upset at first but she will get over it eventually and be very excited. The same happened to me with both my parents. Good Luck with your decision and do what will make YOU happy.


midnight_drift - May 12

You know what, if you want the baby, then keep the baby. No one can force you to get an abortion, not even the father. I will be getting big and at school. Yes people talk, but if your friends stay by your side, and if you have support, then learn to ignore it and it will eventually stop sweetie. It only matters how YOU feel, not anyone else about this. If you don't want the baby, that is your choice.


Emma2 - May 12

Acting like a grown up and having intercourse comes great responsibility. You have to make a choice and I believe a life is worth more than "people run their mouths" ...Think about your options ...but I always say....dont' do the deed if you can't handle it! Good Luck!


Grandpa Viv - May 12

Mariah, you need your momma's input on this. You are going to be relying on her for financial and child-minding help. It's only fair she be part of the decision-making team. Good luck!


young_mum_2_b - May 12

grandpa viv...i'm just curious....why is it that u tell every girl that comes on here thinking they're pregnant that their mother will have to help them financially? why cant a teenager cope on their own?


Evonna - May 12

because young_mom_2_be, most teens cannot handle the responsibilties on their own obviously, so instead of trying to be grown and thinking you know everything..i think it's best to have your parents there to help. Now it would be a different story if you were a teen and financially stable and have a mature mind, then maybe you can do it on your own. But as you as can see, most of the teens are scared and need help, so therefore, they cannot handle it on their own.


Mommy - May 12

If you are willing to give up a baby's life because "people will talk," then you are too irresponsible to be having s_x. If you are planning on keeping it, you need to tell your boyfriend your decision and let your mom know. In the meantime, start praticing safe s_x if you are not already. Also, people who are willing to "talk" because you are pregnant, they will probably also be willing to "talk" about you aborting. P.S. If your guy thinks 18 is too d__n young to be a daddy, he is too d__n young to even be having s_x, ESPECIALLY if it was UNPROTECTED.


kayla_shauntel_05 - May 13

I had several friends go through senior year pregnant. You just have to deal with it. Why would you kill your baby because people will run their mouth? As far as the father, you would be better off without him anyway if he is going to be like that. You can work and support you and your child through your senior year. A lot of girls do it everyday. That is why they say it takes a mature and strong person to be a parent because you have to love someone more than you love yourself. I am in college and pregnant, and no one says anything to my face. I know they do behind my back, but I don't care what other people think. You do what is best for you and your child. The earlier you tell your parents, the better. It is less stress on you which is better for you and your baby.


frankschick2001 - May 15

You sound like you have your mind made up already, so now what? It doesn't sound to me like you want to be a mother yet and it doesn't sound to me like you are willing to be pregnant, so that only leaves one option for you.



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