What To Say Without Being Rude

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waitngformyangel - September 22

im 17 so im still in highschool which means i have to deal with people everyday.dont get me wrong the poeple i see i love their my friends. but everyday someone will just come up to me and randomly put their hands on my belly. naturally i dont even like being touched at all it just seems like its invadint my personal space. and im not a mean person..really..so how do i tell them to stop without sounding rude oe hurting their feelings. second im a VERY EMOTIONAL person. so i take things personally and to the heart. i kind of expected people to joke around and stuff about my pregnancy but now being for far along [[30w3d]] ive got alot of things on my mind and totally stressed out. but alot of my friends.[[mainly the guys]] joke around about me alot. and it gets to me really bad theyre just rude hurtful and really freaking annoying sometimes i jsut want to cry right on the spot. so how do i tell them to stop with out being rude back to them? thanks. and god bless.


GimmeaBub - September 23

Hey ya, just say to them'Look, i am happy your excited for me, but is it cool if you just leave my belly alone for a little while, once the baby comes you can hold and cuddle as much as you like' And to the guys who are being mean, just say 'Hey i'm pregnant i'm hormonal, i'm not in the mood you keep it up, and i crack you in the mouth (no lol just kidding) Just tell them that you really dont like it, you love having them as your friends and all, but right now your not really in the mood for that and if they could just lay off a bit. I am sure they will respect it and if they dont then you dont need to acknowledge them. Your a brave girl and a responsible one still attending school, I am sre you will handle it perfectly :) Best of Luck


ChattyKathy - September 23

Most people just have to put up with it. Its going to happen, sometimes by people you don't even know. Theres really no nice way to go about it since they are being rude by violating your personal space. A more humorous way of dealing with it is buying a shirt that says "hands off the belly" =) I've seen women wear those. I think you can order them online somewhere.


Chic Atty - September 23

First of all, I commend you for continuing to go to school while you are pregnant. Ignore all the negativity that you get and focus on the gift that you have. Second, know that all pregnant women deal with people wanting to touch their bellies during pregnancy. I deal with this daily, especially now that I have a defined bump. It bothers me as well, but I try to keep in mind that these people are happy for me and they have no bad intentions. I have been guilty of this myself when my a__sistant became pregnant. She went through fertility treatment for 5 years, and finally became pregnant. When someone attempts to touch you, next time tell them that your belly is sore from all the stretching and you'd prefer not to be touched. Say this with a smile and thank them for their interest. Good luck to you and your baby.


lilybug1105 - September 23

I had this happen to me one too many times.. one day i was having the worst case of heartburn and someone at the grocery store decided it was a good idea to touch my stomache without asking. Well i touched their stomache right back... The lady gave me the weirdest look and i just said.. Just because theres a baby in there doesn't meant i want it touched.. It's like picking up a baby from a stroller from the person behind you in line.. YOU JUST WOULDN"T.. it was quite mean but it did the trick... She got the point


sarah21 - September 24

They make cute t-shirts that say "No you may not touch my belly," and it would help you to avoid the whole confrontation.



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