What Would Your Boyfriend Do

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help me 2 - July 25

would my boyfriend leave me or cheat on me if i am pregnant we have been together for 1 and 4 months and we are only 14


Chazzy - June 25

Are you having s_x? I'm sur that my bf would stay with me if I were pregnant. I'm 15. Don't you know him well enough after bein together so long? If you don't trust him you shouldnt be havin s_x. I just make out with my bf. You gotta be careful.


HM2 - June 25

thanks chazzy i know that but i dont know if he will but my mom just found out that we were and we had to stop and we did but now i am scared that i am pregnant


Jeni - July 12

tell your mom.. i kno its alot easier said then done.. but if she knows yawl have had s_x it should be a little bit easier telling her you need to take a test or go to the doctor.. but if you dont feel comfortable talking to her about it.. go get a test. good luck


Princess - July 12

Im in the same situation but my bf actually wants to have kids. Im 14 to to be truthful but me and my bf have been together for almost ten months now and i trust him and he trust me. He promised me he would never leave me. So if your bf love's you he would stick around and try to find a way to support you. My bf is working 2 jobs currently. So if he love's you you'll be fine.


daisy - July 14

he wouldd cheat on u so be care ful and u shouldnt get a guy to do somethin like that to u be ur very youge


kay - July 16

we don't know the guy, so we can't really say


ok.... - July 22

im 14 too and ive been wiht my boyfriend for a bout a year...he is my first love...and lover...and were still strongly in love,, only i havnt told him i was 1 month pregnant,,,but i am today...how strong is you relationship..???...has he ever done anyhting likw cheat on you b4? if not..and if hes in love wiht you, or feels love for you...and isnt a jerk off he wont..hell be jst as happy as you are...


brucen - July 22

You being pregnant is probably just as scary for him as it is for you. The only difference is until the baby is born there is no proof. His parents won't see him hurling or his growing belly and will be just as disappointed, angry, whatever as yours. That makes it very tempting to walk away and deny it.


LilMamma - July 25

well, we'd need more information on what kind of a person your boyfriend is. When you tell him the news, if you're pregnant, and he decides to leave you or cheat on you, then he's not worth your time. Best of luck for you!



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