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beckyhoose - June 16

my boyfriend and i have s_x and i get really wet...is that suppose to be normal.....also we try to use condoms but they come of i think it was because we used the lubricated ones and those ones plus me being lubricated makes it come off...but it could also be that hes not putting it on right? Right? I kneed help finding ways of making him want me even more then he does...Does anyone know how to do that???LEt me know


angelmonkey - June 16

let me tell you now the getting really wet is normal, i supose it depends on how much your bf turns you on, also you should get him try smaller ones and also go on the pill if your not all ready


Skyeblue - June 16

Well before you want to make "him want you more," get on some solid reliable birth control like the pill. Good luck!


Grandpa Viv - June 16

Hmm! The lubrication is on the outside of the condom and should not cause it to slide off. Is he already wet when he puts it on because you have had penetration beforehand? The most likely cause of a condom coming off is that he has not left enough slack in the end of the condom to accommodate the c_m. Many condoms have "ends" for this purpose. If there is not enough room for it, the c_m will back up the shaft of the p___s and cause the inside to be lubricated. When leaving the required slack, make sure it does not have a bubble of air in it that can pop. When you feel him getting ready to withdraw, reach down and hold the condom where it belongs. Perhaps it would help if you put the condom on him - a loving gesture that will help your peace of mind too. You will have to experiment with various ways of turning him on - asking for a back rub might be a good start - it is non-threatening but the view is stimulating. It is also important to let him know how much he satisfies you, both during and after the act. Good luck!


grow_up - June 16

Oh wow, gross....I think I just threw up in my mouth.


grow_up - June 16

I was referring to the 7O year old man giving a teenager s_x advice as to how to turn her man on. Nasty nasty nasty!


AddysMummy - June 17

Yes I'm sorry but an elder man shouldn't be giving a young girl advice as to how to "turn on her man" that is INAPPROPRIATE!


Teddyfinch - June 17

ok sooo, he uses lube too. he's not lubing the inside of the condom i hope...and is he trying to go for the magnum look when a smaller one will do?


Teddyfinch - June 17

yeah i'm just curious when this post will end up on viv's site. funny on his myspace he doesn't even talk about doing this kind of stuff. maybe because old farts shouldn't be giving teen girls advice when they have no business, don'tcha think Viv?


angelmonkey - June 17

grandpaviv has myspace? so is he just a normal person then whi likes to go on teen pregnancy sites to give advice?


grow_up - June 17

I love the magnum look :D :D :D Gold wrapper! LOL!!


grow_up - June 17

*tips over grandpa viv and points at teddy* She did it!


Teddyfinch - June 17

lol grow_up the magnum look is probably hawt but not when worn so loosely it looks like he's wearing panty hose on his doodle. and *sigh* i did condone the people tipping lol.


Teddyfinch - June 18

true, but a man that age has no business giving teens advice on how to seduce their man, especially when he has no medical background and therefore has no right to be giving that kind of advice. i don't really come here to get advice from guys. i mean i don't mind, but everything viv says, just about is just copy/pasted from a "duh" website about ovulation, periods, and pregnancy. and what seduces a young man won't necessarily seduce a 65 year old man or however old viv is.


youlickwindows - June 18

The thing with Grandpa Viv is, instead of going eww gross like most of the childlike kids on here, he just gives straight to the point advice that people usually are coming here asking for, not a bunch of insults and idiotic remarks like almost every single reply on this whole forum is. A bunch of silly little girls arguing on every post no matter what it's about. Only true childishness shows when you're going to go "eww gross" when a grown man gives someone the advice they ask for, because he doesnt want to see yet another uneducated teen mother.


angelmonkey - June 18

yeh if thats what you want to beleive he's doing it for


MelissaP - June 18

I dont get a weird vibe from grandpa viv. I have been on these forums for years and he has done nothing but give help and advice to the best of his knowledge. I understand that him being older and a man could cause some to be uncomfortable. But lets not insult him. He is not on here to get his kicks. He has never displayed that type of att_tude



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