Whats Up With The Government

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Angelina - June 19

What is with you people who are supposed to be women telling all these teens that the government is going to raise their children.You all must have alot of experience with that.Do you all live off the government and are scared they might cut your check down if teens have more babies?Or is it the governmant cheese you are all getting?Come on,not everyone is going to live off the government like most of you older moms.I dont live off them and im a teen.My cousin is 17 and has a son and no government there either.Get a life,Leave the government out of this because if it wasnt for them, most of you would be out on the streets.I know some of you have food stamps, medicaid, TANIF,social security, HOUSING!!! Stop saying everyone is going to live off of the government.Some of us teens live better then all you struggling moms.You will never know how their baby will be taken care of so just leave it alone.Refer to it as"Financial support".Take care of your own kids and leave these teens alone because most of these teens kids will grow up to make something of their selves and never even have to get that "help" you keep bringing up!!!!


to angeline - June 19

Have you ever recieved government a__sistance?


asdf - June 19

Maybe not ALL teen moms will need gov't a__sistance, but a 13 year old that has a kid is going to have to get a__sistance from SOMEONE...seeing as they CANNOT get a job of their own yet.


Angelina - June 19

I personally have not had any kind of a__sistance.Not even medicaid.I have insurance.But you have to look at it this way, most moms of thsese teens pay for babies.I was 16 when i had my first child and my mom payed for the baby,NOT the government.I am now working at 17 and still no a__sistance.I know my mother is not the only person on this earth that is kind enough to support me and my"mistakes"now known as blessings.Maybe their parents would help.


? - June 19

y should ur mom have to support u when it was ur mistake, and twice?!


Angelina - June 19

Notice in my last post i said I WORK.My mom payed for my first child for about 6 months.I now pay for her and this new baby will be no different.She chose to be the good mom and help her daughter instead of critisizing her and making her have an abortion.I raised my own child.She bought diapers and every now and again formula.Technically she spent the child support she got for me on my daughter.And my daughter is not a mistake.She is a blessing and the second baby is not even born yet and im not living with my mom no more so how is she supporting my second one now too?


Jocelyn - June 19

u said "mistakes" meaning more then one so i a__sumed she still taking care of u being pregnant u know with medical bill cuz im a__suming she has u on her insurance and still taking care of ur first born. My moms a good mom too, she wanted to help me out financially with my baby but i told her its okay me and my man can support our own child. dont get me wrong she has bought my baby some toys and stuff like that but she has never supported my child and she is still a good mom.


jocelyn - June 19

by the way i was "?" who posted above ur last comment


Jen - June 19

I think what Angelina is saying is that people are stereotyping by saying that all teen mothers live off of the government. I am 34 years old and have worked from the time that I could get a work permit at 15. If I had a daughter that accidentally got pregnant and she needed some a__sistance from the government why the hell shouldn't she get it? I have paid into it for 19 years and have NEVER collected any of it. Yes, it is ridiculous for a teen to get pregnant on purpose when they have no way of supporting themselves. People need to do some research before they complain about so called "living off of the government" Only 34% of our taxes go toward human resources and that includes education, social security, welfare, medicaid, and the list goes on. But between past military debt and current military expenses it eats up 48% of our tax money. Personally, I would rather care for our own people than pay to support a war based on lies. There are in fact people that take advantage of the system. Most of them aren't kids.


Angelina - June 19

When i said mistakes i was referring to everything i did in the past that i regretted not my children.And jen is right, most of the people who are getting supported by the government are NOT teens


Lesley - June 20

It is different over here than it is in America. At the age of 16 the council will house you if you are pregnant. It might not be a very nice area but it is something. You can then get a £1000 grant to buy things for that house (like carpets etc..) that doesn't need to be paid back. You can only get one of these once. Also, you get housing benefit and council tax benefit as well as Income Support. Parents who have kids under 16 do not need to get a job and can get Income Support rather than Job Seekers Allowance. We get free medical treatment over here. But those that work pay for medication. People on tax credits get discounts. If someone needs government help why shouldn't they get it? Thats what it is there for. Would you rather immigrants move over and get it all?


Jen - June 20

Lesley, you are lucky to be from a country that cares for it's people. In America people that can't afford health care or medication usually just go without it. When our government makes cuts, it is usually from education, medicaid, social security and public a__sistance. It sickens me what elderly people in this country need to go without, especially since most of them have worked their whole lives and many served our country in one way or another. I know that was a bit off the subject but it p__ses me off. :0/


veiled - June 20

Jen, I agree with you completely.


Alondra - June 20

lesley, where are you from?


helpful - June 20

I find nothing wrong with public a__sistance. That is why my husband and I pay taxes to help people who are in need. I agree with Jen. I wish more tax money went to the poor/needy. I wish I didn't have to see homeless people. I do. Its hard. Here in Usa, our government no longer support teens pregnancy. Your parents have to pay for the baby. But you could get a medicare card, Wic, and food stamps. I think if you need help, you should be able to get help. Some people disagree. I say go for it. No one should judge someone for needing help. Some of these judgemental people live paycheck to paycheck. If they lose their job, they will need government help too. What comes around, goes around. I feel very sorry for these self rightous judgemental people!! They will need YOU one day!! You never know. Take care of yourself and those babies. .....Lesley, Do you live in the UK?


JJ - June 20

Lesley -(a__suming your in the UK) pregnant under 18s can no longer get a council house, which to be honest I think is right, because of the amount of young girls getting pregnant just to get a house. I do agree that people shouldn't stereotype teen mothers, because to me taking care of a child is a 24 hour unpaid job. To be honest, its not teen mothers on the dole that annoy me, its the amount of people I have seen that get disability benefits when theres nothing wrong with them and just downright lazy sc_m that don't have any intentions of working (eg druggies) There are some teen mothers that can't be bothered to work, but then there are teen mothers that care for their children and go out to work - and there are lazy non-teen mothers etc etc... People shouldn't all be tarred with the same brush. Everyone is an individual.


Lesley - June 20

Alondra, I am from the UK. JJ I wasn't slagging off teenage parents on Income Support. I was just saying about how it works over here. I'm not sure on the house thing these days, but I got a house when I was pregnant with my 1st baby. (Aged 16). I don't think people should go on about teenage mothers and the fact that they are claiming because at least they are using the money on things that is needed. Well most of them do anyways. I hate people on the fiddle. Working while claiming, or having someone live with them when they say they don't. That makes me so mad. And yes also - those that is on the sick for no reason at all. The usual one is depression. That is hard to detect as it affects different people in different ways.



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