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Kelly - October 20

i keep getting lots of c_m or ever discharge out of my va___a when i go to the toilet its like i'm really wet and i thought i'd ask is that a sign of pregnancy or what is it i so worried answer please


Helpful - October 20

When was the first day of your last period and when did you last have s_x? And has it been unprotected? You could possibliy be ovulating right now which causes an increase in cervical mucous.


hali - October 20

you could be getting a disease


angel - October 20

do u have any pain?


Kelly - October 20

To Helpful, my last period started on the 5th and the last time i had unprotected s_x was tuesday night. To Angel, i have got cramp


Grandpa Viv - October 20

A lotion discharge - wet down there - at an unexpected time is a sign of possible pregnancy. Are you tired, peeing more, upset tummy, unusual or missing period.


to Granpa Viv - October 20

ive not missed a period but my last period was a day late and only lasted for 4 days in stead of 6 i do seem to pee more n moan n i am tierd all the time do you think i'm pregnant when can i test because my periods aren't due the the 5th of november


meaghan - October 20

The same thing is happening to me, I was due for my period on the 12th and I havnt gotton it yet so i tested on the 13th which came out negitive, I still havnt gotton my period and have the same wetness....i dotn kno what to do either


to meaghan - October 20

keep me posted


Jbear - October 20

Some women have an increase in v____al discharge just before a period starts. It can be a sign of pregnancy, but increased discharge alone is not proof of pregnancy. If the discharge is yellow or green or has a foul odor (whatever the color) see a doctor.


kelly - October 21

its naw any colour but if it was what would that mean?


Jbear - October 23

Yellow, green, or foul-smelling discharge are signs of infection or STD's.


lucy - October 23

maybe your just h__y all the time!!! or maybe you need to shower!!


Kelly` - October 23

ive still got the wetness not as much but still a little good it be pregnancy or what?


to kelly - October 23

i also had that wetness that you're talking about and i thought i was pregnant. i had ir for a couple of days then i got my period so maybe you are about to get your period. i know that the white discharge is a sign of ovulation.


?? - October 23

are you clean???



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