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Ineedhelp - August 4

When ll the signs of pregnancy start to appear ?? After few days or few weeks ? or months ? When can abortion pill be used ? Few weeks of pregnancy can take ?


brucen - August 4

For most women the first sign of pregnancy is a missed period. The abortion pill or medical abortion, which is different from the morning after pill, is most effective up to 7 weeks after becoming pregnant. It ends pregnancy. It's 95%- 97% effective. Abortion pill is a misnomer because you actually have to take several pills. Several doctors appointments are required to ensure that you understand the procedure and a__sociated risks. That is covered in the first appointment before the procedure takes place. The final visit is to ensure the pregnancy has ended. The morning after pill is most effective when taken up 72 hours after unprotected s_x. This is also know as emergency contraception and should not be viewed as a contraceptive used instead of condoms and birth control pills. The morning after pill does not end pregnancy, instead it prevents you from becoming pregnant. If taken while pregnant it can cause birth defects. It's effectiveness is about the same as the abortion pill. For more information copy and paste the links into the address bar or type abortion pill/ medical abortion or morning after pill/ emergency contraception into any search engine.


brucen - August 4

oops for got the link: http://www.plannedparenthood.org/library/ABORTION/Mif_fact.html


Steph - August 4

Besides what brucen said... after a missed peroid.. the next signs that start to show are nasuea ( vomiting), sore brests/ nipple sometimes bloating... but if you have a peroid you can still be pregenant... or at least you may think it's a peroid... in rare cases some women bleed simular to a peroid only it's usually different frhom they're usual cycle... " spotting" can occur and whatnot... ;-) The abortion pill can be dangerous for some women because it does cuase a lot of blood loss and in some cases may require a blood transfution... but other then that .. Brucen covered it all pretty well ;-)


TW - December 6

Can signs of pregnancy occur before I miss my period? If so, what are the signs?


Paige Cox - December 6

if you need 2 talk 2 ne1 email me. i'm in a cla__s and we are doing a project where we are helping other people with dofferent kinds of problems. my email address is [email protected] plz email meif you need ne answers or have ne questions.


advice giver - January 18

Well the sign of pregnany's show usually with in late weeks or months!!!


tera - August 27

what is the sign of preganance besides a missed cycle


t - August 27

Sore b___sts, sometimes nausea, but not always. Some have now signs at all


katzklaw - August 27

well... just from reading over this site for a while, it seems that the early signs can start showing up within a few weeks, give or take... and can include nausea, sore b___sts, darkened nipples, veins visible on the nipples or b___sts, mood swings, headaches, hot flashes, diarhea/constipation, gas (at either end!) bloating, light cramps/tugging sensation, sudden breakout of acne, and light spotting. you can get some, all, or even none of these symptoms, but as everyone else has said... USUALLY the first indicator is a missed period.


Trista - August 27

Some signs can start as early as 10 days after conception. These usually include a lower back ache, cramps, gas, insomnia, vivid dreams, or fatigue


Grandpa Viv - August 27

Unusually tired (naps, longer in bed) and more peeing are signs that sometimes show before a missed period. Also a lotion discharge. Good luck!



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