When Can You

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Aaliyah - October 10

when can you get pregnant


Kimi - October 10

only when you ovulate which, if you have a normal 28 day cycle, is about 14 days after the 1st day of your period. y are you trying to concive? I am!!!


question - October 10

Hey i just have a queustion about ovulation. Do you ovulate ONCE , 14 days before your period. Or when you do ovulate, you ovulate up to three days? Just a quick question that i have been quit stuck on. And also, can you get pregnant even if you are not ovuation. You can right, but just a lower chanch?


Kimi - October 10

the egg will live for 2 days and so will the sperm so there is arelly like a 3 day period when you are most likley to get preg. and yes you only ovultate once a month


Wrong - October 10

An egg only lasts from 12-24 hours. Not 48.


amb - October 10

can u get pregnant by his p___s being just close, but not Having s_x at all, cuz im a virgin


gv - October 10

The egg is released 14 days before an expected period, plus or minus a couple of days. Sperm can hang around for 5 days or more waiting for an egg, and the egg can survive a day or so waiting for sperm. The fertile window is quoted as days 8 through 16 of a 28 day cycle, though you should not count on that. If you do not ovulate you can´t get pregnant, but don´t count on that either, becasue you might start ovulating any time, and you won´t know it until you get a period 2 weeks later. Fresh sperm getting to your v____a in any amount and by any method can get you pregnant. Sperm cannot fly, and cannot penetrate anything but flimsy clothing. Hope this clarifies the situation.


kesha - October 10

Hey i have a question of my own. Okay! My boyfriend and i had s_x this morning without protection, and he c_med in me. Now im worried that i may be pregnant. Is there anyone out there who can tell me some things and help me out. I have been feeling just one sympton and thats the sore b___st. But just let me know something


lana - October 11

Hi Kesha, if you had s_x this morning it's far too early to have any symptoms. Try not to worry too much. You're going to have to wait for your period to start and if it doesn't then take a test around the time it was due. I used to get sore b___sts just before my period started. Good luck!



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