When Did You First Go To The Doctor

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whiskeydog38 - May 9

Hi! My names Kendra, and I'm 5 months pregnant. I just joined this school named Aspire and it's for pregnant and parenting teens. I needed help on some of my homework in one of my classes. So if someone could help that would be great. Here's what I have to do: "Talk to at least five(preferably ten) women who are either pregnant now or had a baby within the past year." So here's my question I have to ask. What point in your pregnancy did you first visit your doctor? If you could answer you'd help me out alot!


young_mum_2_b - May 9

Hey Kendra, My names Jae, i'm 17 and almost 33 weeks pregnant, i first visited a doctor when i was 6 weeks pregnant!! anything else you need just let me know!! Cya.


Jbear - May 9

I saw the doctor when I was 5 weeks. A lot of doctors don't want to see you that early, but my first pregnancy was high risk, so they wanted me to start going sooner for my second pregnancy. I had my baby in August.


Rachel0510 - May 9

I saw the doctor for the first time at 10 weeks.


maren - May 9

I first saw the doctor when i was about 7 or 8 weeks


Evonna - May 9

When i was 11 weeks pregnant. = ]


frankschick2001 - May 9

I visited the doctor as soon as I got a positive home pregnancy test which was at 4 weeks.


beenthere2 - May 9

Well...This was 18 years ago, and DEFINATLY not the thing to do. But I waited until I was 7 mo. because I was so scared to tell my parents and they are the ones that carried insurance. With my second baby I went to the Dr. at 10 to 12 weeks.


les22 - May 9

im from scotland and we visit the doctor as soon as we get a posive result from a doctors urine test. they refer us to a midwife who we see at 8 weeks


EricaLynn - May 9

Hey, Im 18 and just about 7-8 weeks pregnant, not very far I know......I first went to the doctor when I was 6 1/2 weeks pregnant. I got to see a heartbeat on an ultra sound, it was super cool. Hope that helped some!


cyndrz632 - May 9

i saw the doc when i was 19 weeks


Lillie E - May 9

Hey Kendra, i'm 18 and found out i was pregnant right before my 17th birthday. i had my son in october. when i had my first appt the doc said i was 11 weeks along, but it wasn't possible for me to be more then 8 1/2. come to find out, i was 8 1/2 weeks along the doctor just messed up somehow.


midnight_drift - May 10

I saw my doctor when I was just 1 month and a half, even though I should have gone faster.


kayla_shauntel_05 - May 10

I was 8 weeks pregnant, and would have went sooner but it took a couple weeks to get into the doctor.


whiskeydog38 - May 13

Thankyou so much for your answers. That'll help me alot! Thanks! ~Kendra~


Ca__sie06 - May 13

I went to my family dr the day I got a positive hpt. He did a blood test to confirm, put me on prenatal vitamins, and set up an appt with an obgyn. I went to my first ob appt at 10 weeks. (That was the earliest they would start seeing patients.)


Teen_Mommy - May 13

Hi I am about a month pregnant and the fist time I went to the doctors being pregnant was a few days ago to confirm an HPT which was positive. And the blood test came back positive too.



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