When Do You Get Morning Sickness

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angel mullican - January 11

Hi. I am secretly engaged, got my diamond for Christmas. We can't tell anyone about or engagement because I'm only 14. I will be 15 in April. I think I might be pregnant. It would have happend on Christmass Day as we had unprotected s_x several time and I got filled with sperm several times after I got my ring. My last period was December 12th, and lasted 5 days. My periods are regular and I get it between the 11th and 13th of every month. When do you get morning sickness? I was so nauseous last Thursday that I got sick just smelling my Mom's Coffee, I was fine by the time I got to school. The smell of bacon cooking did it this morning. Should I tell the doctor at my appointment on Wednesday. Fiance made an appointment for me to get birth control ring. Shopuld I tell the doctor that I have had unprotected s_x and might be pregnant. No pms signs. When can we do a HPT?


Malica - January 11

You can to a home pregnancy test as early as the day your period is due. I noticed morning sickness before I missed my period. Absolutely you need to tell your doctor. They will likely do a blood test to confirm/rule out pregnancy for you which is even more accurate than a HPT, and they need to make sure you're not pregnant before putting you on any form of birth control. In the meantime please remember to use condoms every time you're s_xually active. If you're not pregnant, there's no point in taking any further chances.


angel mullican - January 11

We are get birth control so an accident can't happen. I plan to announce my engagement at 16 with a baby bump


JT1118 - January 12

i'm your age and 2 months pregnant, i started getting morning sickness a few days before my missed period. just to make sure that you are pregnant ask your doctor for a blood test cuz sometimes HPTs are wrong. thats what happened to me. if you arent pregnant get birth control and use condoms, becuz sometimes birth control fails but then you still have protection over it happening. you could also get an IUD which is where the doctor ties your tubes where the eggs are let out and you cant get pregnant and you can have unprotected s_x. you can have it untied at any time when your ready to have a baby. Congradulations on your engagement, i wish my bf proposed to me. if your pregnant double congrads. if you need to talk my post is call 'im 14 and pregnant....any advice' it's on the first page.


lil_mama_ - January 12

Hi,im knew to all of this and the website but i kinda need some help/advice.i think im prego. and if so it would be like 2 to 3 weeks. i havent been sleepin much and when i do finally fall asleep it doesnt last more than 3 hrs than i cant fall back asleep. my b___bs have enlarged a lil and ive been having lil haedachs.


angel mullican - January 14

Had my doctor appointment today. He did a test Nd I will know tomorrow. He thinks that I am in a family way. Fiance is very happy that I may be preggo. We went looking at baby clothes this afternoon. He started me on pregnant vitamins today. If I turn out not to be pregnant he said I would soon be as I am not use protection anymore until after I have a baby. Still having Morning sickness


mayra0024 - January 15

yea tell ur doctor!! am 17 and i also think am pregnant and tomorrow i got my doctors appoinment for a check up....but good luck girl!!!!!


AddyAndVictoriasMommy - January 15

Dumba__s. I hope your parents kick you in the head - give you some sense.


JT1118 - January 15

congrads on the maybe starting a family. i hope the best for you.


angel mullican - January 15

Hay Hay Yea Yea The test is positive. Im going to be a mommy. Fiance is extremely happy


amanda17 - January 15

Um.... Are teenagers getting more stupid or what?! This is horrible. You are 14 why do you want to grow up so fast? It's not even legal for you to get married, let alone have s_x! How are you going to finish school? How are you going to get a good job to support your baby? I hope when you tell your parents they GROUND YOU FOR LIFE! You're being an idiot!! This is the dumbest thing I've heard in a while. PLEASE GIVE YOUR BABY UP FOR ADOPTION! You obviously don't care about it if you are forcing it through this. You couldn't have thought about how little time you will be spending with him or her because you'll be working 2 jobs to make ends meat on top of your school work. And if you want to drop out well you'd better practice saying "You want fries with that?" because that's all you'll be saying for the rest of your life. So your kid wants to go to college? Too bad, there's no money for that. They'll get to work work with mommy at the drive thru window. Then they'll want to have kids... It's a never ending chain. Don't get me wrong I want someone serving me my Big Mac. Like a teenager who wants to help their parents get some money in, or a senior who's retired and wants a hobby... But a stupid little girl with a neglected baby at home? No thanks. And it'll be such a slap in the face when you and your "fiance" get a little older and realize how freaking stupid you are. You'll realize at 14 years old you don't know what you want or who you want! People grow up, they change. No adult is the same as they were when they were 14 and I bet most of them aren't even friends with the people they were friends with. I look back on when I was 14 and good god, I'm no where near that person anymore. What are the chances of you growing up, changing entirely and still being the person your boyfriend wants? Slim to none! Doubley with a baby in the picture. Babies cause more stress than you can even fathom at your age. Think that math test is hard? Wait until it gets colic! Ugghhh if I was your mother...!!! I am so sick of teenagers thinking being a parent will be soooo awesome. Oh my god your friends will simply coo over your bity baby and be jealous. "Oh my god! A baby?! I want one!! Oh my god is that an iPod??? I WANT ONE!!" Babies don't stay babies forever. And when you realize what a horrible mistake you have made it will probably be too late, you'll have already ruined that poor kids chances of having a good life. Because if I know a teenager they won't get anywhere with a lecture, even if they know it's right. No, you'll have to be knee deep in self-loathing to admit you've done something really, really bad. And you know what, you can save your pride and pretend like what I'm saying doesn't effect you. But for god's sake... PLEASE do the right thing and give your baby up for adoption. Do not do this to yourself and your baby.


JT1118 - January 15

congradulations!!!!! being pregnant is i think the best thing. I'm also happy to hear that your fiance is going to be their for you. i hate when people say that their bf's not going to help them. i'm 2 months and i still have morning sickness. if you wanna talk just go on to my post.


V9653 - January 16

God Amanda! You are so wrong.....She's not going to be working two jobs. She's fourteen! Don't you have to be like 15 to be a carhop and 16 to work? Sorry had to mess with you. I can see that you are taking too much of this on and it's getting to you. Anywho in response to the poster. Congrats on getting what you want, but that old saying-be careful what you wish for, does apply. Amanda may seem mean, but what she is saying is true. It's hard enough for me to care for a child, and I can drive, work, vote, and call QVC and order something without my parent's permission. You really didn't think things through here. You really only thought about yourself and that's why you've got some people fired up. Not just becaues of a pregnancy, but because you are trying for this stuff, and it'll be 4 years before you can even be a legal family with your boyfriend. You think you've got everything you want but you really are looking through santa goggles. You know like when the world is perfect and anything can happen because you believe the tooth fairy brings you money as you grow up and lose teeth-so you can't wait to get big. Santa brings you presents and is more real than Jesus. You don't have a whole lot of adult experience, so you weren't able to look at this from an adult perspective. Like do you have insurance? Are you going to finish school? What are you going to be when you grow up so that your child has what it needs? How are you going to do that with a child? Who's going to watch the child while you work or go to school? Who's going to pay for diapers when it's born? Who's going to drive it to the doctor's appointments? If a majority of these questions are answered with anything close to "my parents" then you really should have waited. You are having a baby for your parents, making it hard on a child and on your parents so that you can have something that you think you want right now because you think you are in love. Don't get me wrong. I'm not saying you are not in love, but you guys' love should have been more responsible and less selfish. The entire world and especially you guys' parents shouldn't have to suffer because you guys are hot to trot. You're already pregnant so nothing I said before matters so here's my advice. Leave all the stupid stuff behind and grow up and be a real woman. Make your boyfriend be a man. Hurry up and forget about all the lovey dovey c___p, get your medical stuff in order, get a plan together of what you are going to do with your life and you can work on this with the bf but always have your own plan because you are glued to this child. He isn't, he can pick up and leave any day. Talk to your parents and come up with a plan so that you can get your stuff done to be a better mother while being as little of a burden as possible. Take care of yourself, drop of the kid stuff and since you were woman enough to plan to start a family all this childish stuff that is so obvious in everything you write has to be thrown away.


unsure_92 - January 16



HeavenisMine - January 16

Let's just say life with a newborn baby will teach her better than anyone's words ever could. So save your breath ladies, life is indeed the best teacher ;) Good luck.


amanda17 - January 16

LOL V-- Okay she'll be working the drive thru window in two years... that's her career goal! Or she could do what my sister did and be a stripper...better pay! Don't get fired though!! My sister just went to a job interview for a simple waitress job and on her resume it says that she worked at "California Girls." They were like "Um... Listen... we'll call you." Like two minutes into the interview! Heaven, as I said she probably won't listen because teenagers are stubborn as they come. But hopefully if I said anything that even remotely got to her, she can pretend like she thought of it and not have to show any humility. People may even think how smart she is for realizing how dumb she is hahaha. She can come back on here and call me a b___h if she wants too but the actual result is the only thing that matters. I can't stand people doing this to innocent babies and themselves. It's so unfair. I was going to make that point too Newbaby. The only people who congratulated her are 14 (I'm guessing unsure is about 14) and are just as dumb as she is. If I think about it, even one year is a big difference. When I was 14 I thought 13 year olds were so young, immature and stupid. I was 14! That's a big difference, right?! Then when I was 15 I looked at when I was 14 and said "Eww was I ever like that?!" Now that I'm 18 I look back when I was 17,16,15,14,13... And I think "Eww goddd what was I THINKING?!" And I didn't do anything as huge and life-ruining as planning a baby. I was just stupid. Very, very stupid. And everyone my age told me how smart I was. That's just because they were just as dumb! Imagine when I'm 25... I'll look back and be just as embarra__sed by myself at 18 as I do now when I was 14. That was kind of confusing but you get my point!


HeavenisMine - January 16

It is unfair. I know a girl who got pregnant and is now making her mother raise the baby. She used the baby as an attention tool and gave him lots of love when friends were around, but then her mother raises him half the time while she goes out with boys and what not. It is a sad reality indeed. Unfortunately speaking from experience when I was a teenager, they usually will hear you but need to find out for themselves before they'll learn anything. I understand where you're coming from though I really do. I feel bad for the babies and parents that suffer. I can't imagine ever having my parents raise my child, they did their time. I guess some still need to realize there's a difference between a helping hand and a parent. :)



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