When Is A Good Time

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Marry - November 21

When is a good time to anounce that your pregnant? As we aproach the holidays and I aproach the end of my third month this question has been on my mind alot. I dont want to be clice' and do a Molly Ringwold and make the anouncement durring the holiday dinner. But time for me at least and I am sure a few others out there is running out. I never intended to get myself in this situation. I took all the precautions I could and it still wasnt enough.


Karen - November 22

I'm 5 weeks pregnant and I am having the same problem... I don't know how to tell my family and I dont' want to ruin their holidays.


Kristen - November 22

If you don't want to twll them during the holidays just wait til after words. Start with your parents just right at the first of the year and go from there. if you don't tell them they will figure it out sooner then you think. when i was 17 i got pg with my son and i didn't tell my mom i was. she had a feeling that i was so she took me and made me have a test done. and since you are about to get past the 12 week mark you should start to go see a obgyn. and Karen most ob's don't start to see you til you are 8 to 12 weeks along. and make sure you don't stress about it too much cuz the stress is not good on you at such early stage. you are in a danger zone of a miscarriage til 12 weeks and a m/c is no fun. i just hit the one year mark since i had mine. i was at 10 weeks and it was really hard. i don't wish it apound anyone. it makes it alot scarier for the next time you are pregnant. trust me i know i'm now pregnant again. 38 weeks. and for the first 12 weeks i was very scared. i'm 21 and getting ready to have my second child. I just want to give a little help to anyone that could use it. i was younge when i had my first and it was totally unplanned. but its my fault that i didn't try to hard to prevent it. I do NOT regret it though. I would not have changed anything. No i'm not with my son's bio-father but he has a daddy that loves him very much and i have been with him since i was 5 mnt pg with my son. Remember this your family can be a great support group so let them in on your new life thats about to begin. They may be disappointed at first all parents are but they will be glad that you told them. Hope you Have Happy Holidays. Good Luck and if you Need Support there are a few good supporters on this site. and for the people that just get on to put you down. don't listen to them they just want to be cruel


chloe - November 22

You should tell everyone when your about 14 weeks along so right after the holidays just in case someone gets upset at you and your holiday wont be ruined. But don't wait till your showing because then they will think you have been hiding it from them and they wont trust you. tricky i know but i had to do the same thing. good luck and i'm sure that everything will be fine


Melissa - November 22

Well, from your post, it looks like this is not good news??? If it may not be received as good news, then just wait. Why turn the holidays into a fight or argument? You may as well wait. But if it is good news, then by all means, tell them



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