When To Get Pregnant

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lilmama01 - February 16

whens the best time to get pregnant? im on my second day of my period and it last about 6 days and my bf wouldnt mind having a kid so whens the best time to try?


PreciousBaby19 - February 16

your boyfriend wouldn't mind having a kid? Jesus you sound like you are 14 saying...what the hell..This is abig decision...what do you do when he decides that he wouldn't mind cheating on you. Or ouldn't mind walking out on you when he feels like hes had enoguh> you sound like your bored and you just feel like having a kid. Honestly Stay on condoms until you can get some common sense.


hope-31 - February 16

i couldnt agree with you more pb(see we can agree and get along,lol). the best time to get pregnant is in about ten years when maybe your married and financially stable and hopefully it wont be with your boyfriend who wouldnt mind having a baby! if this is yours or his thought proces to one of the biggest decisions in life than i WOULDNT mind if you did not reproduce!


Grandpa Viv - February 16

The best time to get pregnant is when you are married and have enough money saved to be able to take a couple of years off work, lol. If your period always starts on Thursday, then I suggest you try Saturdays. If it comes on different days, then count back 5, 12, and 19 days from when you expect your period. Good luck!


HeavenisMine - February 17

Cannot compute, will self destruct in 5...4...3...2..1.....


angel_on_earth - February 17

you know i wouldn't mind having a meatball sub...when is the best time to go and get one?


hope-31 - February 17

hey angel, that was a good one. i wouldnt mind being pregnant and it sticking the whole 9 months.


angel_on_earth - February 17

i "hope" that happens for you! i'm 23 weeks now and can't sleep so i lurk around here and sometimes answer a question that is really really funny or out there! baby dust to you....



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