When Will I Begin To Show

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confused - August 19

My boyfriend had been the sweetest guy I knew until about a month until our one year anniversary he really wanted us to sleep together..he ended up basically forcing/raping me..I'm about 5 weeks pregnant now, how long until I will start showing?


Kaleigh - August 2

I wish I knew too, but I think I'm only like a month pregnant now, and me and my boyfriend swear I'm already showing a tiny bit... I guess maybe it all depends


Cat Luva - August 2

people r different. some ppl dont even show at all it jst looks like they have put on a little weight. how old r u and ur boyfriend?


Shelly - August 2

i didnt start showing until i was about 6 and half, but i also didnt know i was pregnant until i was almost 5 months


confused - August 2

I'm sixteen and he's 18..how long does it usually take until you know if you are having twins or not, because twins run in his family and now I am kind of curious


brittany - August 4

some people are different i didn't start showing until i was about 7 months


Christobal - August 7

congratulations... but your boyfriend is in trouble with the law. he might goto jail for a bit, so dont go around telling everyone your bf is 18. unless you purposely do it (which i would do) to get even for the rape thing.


ronda - August 19

you should be less concerned about showing and more concerned with having him arrested. call the police.


! - August 19

First of all, how do you know that you are pregnant? I hope you are not just asumming that you are pregnant just because you had s_x! S_x doesn't automatically mean pregnancy you know. Women start to show between 3-4 months.


Katie - August 19

Why would you still be going out with a guy that raped you? Are you mad? Find out if you are pregnant first, there's plenty of time for all that other stuff. You could still have an abortion if you are pregnant.



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