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jackiie - March 7

my question is about the cramps were suposed to get while " symtomps of pregnancy" im having lower ( like where my blader is) cramps and they feel like period cramps? are they suposed to feel that way? or are they suposed to be on your overies or where? if you have been pregnant and experianced cramps can you please share how they felt... or if your HAVING cramps please share how they feel... becuase at this point im begining to think im not pregnant just becuase they seem EXACTLY like my period cramps THANX


Jamie-Lee - March 8

I have cramps that feel like I'm going to start.I heard it's nothing to worry about because it's just the baby growing causeing the uterus to strech.It pa__ses in a minute or less.I remember your post from before and it sounds like you're pregnant and now even more so if you're getting those cramps.Take a test and let me know.My e-mail addy is [email protected] check the forum every days so If you want to ask me a question just post a question with the t_tle of "To Jamie" and it will get my attension right away.Good luck.


jackiie - March 8

THANX..anyone else experiance cramps?


yungmama - March 8

did you take a pregnancy test? you can have cramps for many reasons.


cyndrz632 - March 9

hey hun! I am 23 weeks pregnant! Cramps can be anywhere in your stomach..sometimes there really low where you are having them and sometimes they can be really high. Cramps are totally normal!! But if they get really severe to where it almost makes you cry and they dont go away with rest..then you do need to call the doc!! well if you want to chat my msn is [email protected] my yahoo is [email protected] and my aim is cyndrz632 Good Luck!


18wbabynov - March 12

hey, i just joined this... i have c___ps too (am around 6 weeks prego)... when i got pregnant i had some pretty rough ones... like i was getting my period and it lasted about a week... now i get slight cramping once a day or so... which i still worry about like mad... but i think it's all normal.



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