Where Are The PARENTS

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??WHAT?? - March 7

Where are the parents of these teens 10-17 whom are out there having s_x, doing drugs, drinking, and just trying to be "total bad a**es"??? Do they even know their young to mid teenager is out there doing this c__p? I mean with all the violence in gangs and STDs going around you'd think the parents would watch out for their children a little more!!! If you know any teenager whom is acting like this, please reach out to them. They need better guidence. If you are a teen and reading this, and this is basically describing your lifestyle...I encourage you to find a responsible adult to talk to that you trust. God Bless.


becca - March 7

well getting drunk and experincing all the stuff you said is part of growing up lots of people do it and you cant hide from it my mum and dad are really good parents they tried there hardist to stop me getting drunk and all of it but i did it isnt there fault parents can only do so much luckaly when i got pregnant it was with my boyfriend of over two years not some random but please dont blame the parents for the childs mistakes( hope this makes sense)


Kay - March 8

Drugs , s_x and getting drunk infact belive it or not is part of growing up . Some people dont but more then others do. Everyone is curious and since they have ONLY one life they like to use it and try different things. Nothing to do with parents whatso ever ................................My parents couldnt do anything when i was younger i tried what i wanted to try ....................... I dont do them now as i am 12 soon 18 and pregnant... I had grown out of the drug stage ages ago. But the thing is parents cant follow you everywhere , put a leash on you and put a lock on your knickers. Teens are growing up faster these days. Its a fact of life ...


Kay - March 8

I ment 17 in a month 18 lol


Jaya - March 8

i think sometimes they just arnt aware of whats going on but some parents just arnt bothered about what there kids are doing and what happens to them. mine were the last people i could rely on to look out for me


PP - March 8

If these children had parents that cared they would not be experiencing these things as part of the growing up process. The problem is their parents are either overworked or too busy to get involved with their childs life and it is a circle that will then affect the children that these teens produce. If your parents taught you honesty, self respect and were involved with your life this would not happen.


RE: PP - March 8

That is such a rude a__sumption about the parents. I know for a fact that my parents cared, and DO care A LOT. Im 19 and have a 4 month old, they've supported me from the get go. They kept an eye on me like a hawk. BUT teen girls, and boys are sneaky, and parents can't stick themselves to their kids' backs 24/7 to see what their doing. Kids will sneak off and do things, and its not because the parents are bad.


Melissa - March 8

Well, I'll start off by saying I do not believe that it is the parents fault. They try to teach their child right, however they can't be with them 24/7. People make mistakes and we all have to live with them. Next i would like to say that I was at one time a teen mom. I was 17 years old when i got pregnant, i got married, had a beautiful baby girl with the love and support of my family and my husbands family. 7 years later we have 3 children 6,4,2 bought a house, work fulltime and go to college fulltime. Not all teens who get pregnant end up wrecking their life, family, and/or childs life. My oldest is in a global magnant school learning Japanese as a second lang. Also not all of us having s_x were or are trying to be bad a__ses as you put it. Some of us are just curious and want to try new things, with what ever result we may end up with. I DO NOT REGRET BEING A TEEN MOM AND COMEND THOSE WHO HAVE THE WILL POWER TO OVER COME THEIR MISTAKE AND TAKE RESPONSIBILITY.


Mommy2Kylie - March 8

Well, I was 18 when I found out I was pregnant. Legally an adult, but age doesn't make someone ready for a baby. Im sure I take better care of my daughter then some adults, and vise versa. But age doesn't make you more ready for a baby.


becca - March 8

my mum and dad are great parents. parents cant supervise what your doin 24/7 it just dosent work i love the way my mum and dad let me drink not out and bingde drinkin but in our home i would hate for them to be really strict and not let me experience what other people were and learn from mistakes


Reply - March 8

I think if they were taught selfrespect and given boundaries then they might not go there. I don't believe if you have a game plan that it just a fact of growing up. I do believe that some parents think that when their child becomes a teen then they are done raising them and that is where some of the problems come from.


PP - March 8

You all a__sume I meant the 19 year olds- your an adult you should have known better. As for the children, yes it is becuase their parents did not do something right. I was not watched like a hawk 24/7 but I was taught to respect myself and I was taught right from wrong and I was raised with morals like refraining from s_x and dangerous behavior. I was taught that mistakes were ok and I was also allowd to make them but I had enough in the way of morals and self respect not to do certain things.


PP - March 8

And just to clarify the original post refers to ages 10-17 which is the ages my reply is directed.


Mommy2Kylie - March 8

Well - I was taught with morals, my Grandfather is a minister. Just because I got pregnant and had a baby when I was 19 doesn't mean my parents were bad. I don't blame my parents for my getting pregnant, and no one else should. It was MY problem. I was in a total different state then my parents. I also know 2 girls who were homeschooled, had to read the bible everyday, and were taught s_x before marriage was wrong, etc, etc. You know what their doing now? Dressing gothic, doing drugs, in and out of reham, mulitple s_x partner. I can go on. *Usually* the parents have nothing to do with the girl getting pregnant. Lets not shift blame. Good for you, for sticking to your morals and values, but not everyone is, and that doesn't mean there parents were bad.


KM - March 8

totally agree with mommy 2 kylie. I think once you reach a certain age you are responsible enough for your own actions and decisions. at 16 you should know full well the consequences of your actions.


Kay - March 9

Funnily enough everything you said your parents taught you the same was tought to me........ istill did what i wanted to do, i dont regret doing any of it as i have experienced it and know what its like. PARENTS cant watch over there teens 24/7 ( remember teens have a life aswell ) They would be at school - parents cant be with them then - later socialize - parents dont come with them then ............. What i am getting at is its absoloutly nothing to do with parents at all..................... My parents had hell of ALOT of time for me , i didnt want to spend it with them i had my OWN life. What mistakes I make where my fault nothing to do with my parents.


KM - March 9

Kay, I'm the same. my parents were by no means bad parents, and never neglected me or failed to teach me morals. I take full responsibility for my own actions and decisions. these were my choices, I don't hold my parents responsible.



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