Where Do I Start Im Only 16

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snow estock - September 1

I just found out i was pregnet and im only 16. my mother and i have planned to keep it now, i have tryed to contact all thies teen pregnancy lines but all they can talk about is abortion and birthcontrol they really dont know how to help me and i just want to know where i can go to find help on how to react to this a baby planner how to eat or exercise what my risks r because i am bipolar and the doctor took me off my meds. id love any free imformation youll can give me on support groups planners baby information for teens please help me all you can -snow estock , memphis tn


Raelynn - February 1

I hope everything works out for you. It must be hard to make that kind of decion. You might want to check out the planned parenthood website, or go to your local free teen clinic. Hoope this info helped. Stay Strong.


pixie_snow_tears - February 2

thank you so much my mother and i have decided to keep my baby and im hoping that god will give me the strenght to do this i know he will i just have to have faith and will power please everyone pray for me


Jannes - February 2

I wish good health and good pregnancy, pixie_snow_tears! Keep strong and don't worry alot! You have to be happy!:)


lady ree. - February 6

try contacting your nearest transional home for pregnanent teensss. just for the benefits of becoming a new mom


Kathleen Beatty - February 11

I am 16 as well, i found out I was pregnate not to long ago. I tried finding sites where we 16 year olds can turn to, all I found were the same. Maybe we can help each other out, my email is [email protected] I plan on kepping mine, and i hope everything goes as planned for you.


mary samson - February 11

well im 16 as well i hope wat eva you do decide is the best for u. i dont know really wat to sat except good luck in the futre


delana - March 8

I was 16 When i got pregnant too. I kept my baby. For me that was the best thing to do . Iknow have a beautiful 5yr old daughter, she brings so much joy and happiness. I hope the same for you. Its hard but you can do it! GOOD LUCK!


Crystal - March 25

give hold your head up high


realistic_chic5438532457 - March 29

ummmm. right. you're 16. have you won the lottery? oh, really good job then. so, who's the dad. do you know? does he know? havew you got finances and health plans and a home sorted out? your mom might support you know, but in a couple of years she's gonna want you out. (well, that or dead, either way. . .) have fun with you pseudo bundle of joy. sorry, bundle of social and financial crippleness. good luck :(


tasmina - March 29

Teenage pregnancy is a big problem facing us all today. It has become worse and it is something that we would all like to try to limit and prevent.


Rachel - April 28

What do u do when you tell the father and he thinks you are only joking ? he doesnt beleive you!!!


Elizabeth - May 6

What is healthy to eat when I am pregnate?


ya wat?? - August 31

wat dus bipolar mean?


Ranae - August 31

Snow Estock- Check your local phone book for a planned parenthood. They can provide you with free information on how to take care of yourself and your baby. Alot of hospitals also provide support groups or can direct you. As far as being bipolar, you should continue to follow-up w/your psychiatrist because after you are past a certain time in your pregnancy, if you are having problems w/your bipolar they can put you back on medication w/o harming your baby. I also suffer from a mental illness and I know you need the support and following by your psychiatrist throughout your pregnancy-- Your health effects your babies and there might be a time where you have to consider whether or not the risks of being off medication are greater or equal to the risks of being on medication. Please, please make sure your bipolar is monitored during your pregnancy because pregnancy does alot to your moods when you do not have a mental illness. I just want you to be alright also. Best of luck w/your pregnancy and be sure to take time to relax and enjoy this experience.


Trinity - September 1

hey girlie, It will be ok. Im glad yer keeping yer baby. I had my son when I was 14. I am now 18 an my son is 4 . It was hard but well worth it. If you would ever like to chat please email me at [email protected] Also visit my website www.pregnantandparentingteens.bravehost.com


Sam - September 1

Hey-im also 16 and pregnant-im 7 months pregnant so if you want to chat then heres my email addy [email protected]



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