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Mandaburr - February 28

There isnt really a forum for this. But my parents and I are going to get property somewhere so we can start a farm and stuff. Once my dad gets back from Iraq thats when we're gonna start looking. But, what i want to know is, where do you think we should get property. We currently live in Tennessee. But theres alot of woods here to be honest. And I mentioned Missouri. Any other ideas? We're looking for clear plains for gardens and pastures. If you know of a good place please let me know.


amanda17 - February 28

Sorry I can't be of help in this area, I just wanted to say don't worry about sticking to the topic of teen pregnancy. Every once in a while there's a post that's not even remotely related... Like DB posted about her camera and I'm always posting about my life and school, etc. Just saying, no one minds :)


Grandpa Viv - February 28

Interesting! You can't make a living as a small farmer any more - leastways, not with conventional crops where the big guys have you beat out on land, machinery , and marketing. The last successful small farmer I knew was cross-breeding day lilies on four acres in Alabama. Some of the Mennonites still farm, but they use horses to pull their plows and have no electricity, cars, and few clothes. Chicken or hog barns can make money, but that is hardly romantic farming. I like your idea of Missouri, close enough to a big market in St Louis. How about somewhere close to Raleigh-Durham in the piedmont . The appreciation in value of land might offset your meager existence as a farmer. Good luck!


Mandaburr - February 28

Lol we dont plan to sell our crops or animals or anything we plan to just live off the land and every once and a while going to town for essientials like tp and maybe some soda lol. But we know how to slaughter and garden we've had to do it before lol. I just didnt know if you knew of anyplace thats really beautifil.


amanda17 - February 28

That sounds so weird to me haha. If I couldn't go to the grocery store or restaurants I'd probably starve. I eat out a lottttt. And I'm in Orange County so that's like survivor status for me hahaha I'm so pathetic :D


amanda17 - February 28

Oh and my mom was born in Alabama... she said it's nice there. I dunno, I've never been. My family owns some land in Oklahoma but I haaaaaate it there. The bugs are like the size of your fist and you can't walk in the tall gra__s because there are all these fire ants and they bite you :(


Mandaburr - March 1

Ew i hate fire ants. I guess thats why i like tennessee cause you dont really see that many ants or bugs. The only bugs i really see are wasps and bees. And there mostly attracted to the soda we get from town lol. And I know what you mean I use to live in Tampa we just moved up here about a year ago. But when we first moved up here we had to live on the mountain and the drive to town was about an hour (the quick way) lol. So we rarely went to town. And my uncle owns a farm and he taught us how to slaughter and stuff so it was pretty cool. They've lived up here for years now. Their hilbilly to the max. Its hilarious just listening to them talk :')


amanda17 - March 1

I dunno I'm one of those people who loves to eat meat but is in total denial that it's an actual animal. I sleep better that way haha. My dad used to always specify what animal I was eating so I'd feel bad about it. I'd be eating veal and he'd be like "How are you enjoying your helpless infant cow? You know they chain them up and kill them young so the meat is nice and soft." And I just can't eat anymore after that even though veal is just deeeelicious. Anywho yeah I really don't like being anywhere with a ton of bugs and the only farm-like places I've been to is Oklahoma and Texas which are huge bug cities.


nikkis18 - March 1

i live in ohio its really easy to farm here bc its so flat. but not pretty at all lol.


pinkk - March 2

whatever you do, don't come to connecticut lol.


V9653 - March 3

Kansas still has a lot of people doing that, even in regular neighborhoods (well of course people with a little more space, I mean).



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