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angelmonkey - September 22

oh and newbaby i'll be thinking of rylie, why does she need brain scans? sounds scary :(


angelmonkey - September 22

bellybubble do you have an e-mail for facebook as there are alot of people with your name lol


angelmonkey - September 22

wow newbaby there are also lots with your name and i cant make you out from the pics, i need e-mail addys lol


newbaby2009 - September 23

OMG i so just typed a long comment and it cleared because it had my email address. My email is missynrylie at gmail dot com.


newbaby2009 - September 23

ok, just checking. They think Rylie is either having seizures or has an illness that is irritating her brain. She has moments where she cant walk or talk and doesnt know anyone or anything. It is very scary. Mylie is 7 months now. She says dada, mama, and baba. She has one hell of an att_tude and temper. She is still a difficult child. She has a check up and shots tomorrow. And our dog is losing his leg that we have spent 10 months and several thousands of dollars trying to save. Life is crazy!!


angelmonkey - September 24

i've just added you, that sounds very scary, how did her scan go? Heidi has said dada and i sware i've heard a few mama's my nephew was an early crawler he's now 9months going on 10 and has just taken his first steps, he can only say dada but he knows what he's saying too where as Heidi doesn't, if you tell him to say dada he'l say it lol...Heidi is a good baby most of the time, she just a very wingy clingy baby lol which can be frustrating at times


Teddyfinch - October 5

wow! lots of names i remember lol. angel: "biggish baby"? puh-lease! i would have paid to have an 8lb baby lol =P hello to the rest of you lovely ladies. i've been so busy with Kiara lately. She's got 8 teeth at 10 months old. She was 26lb 2oz at her 9.5 month appt and they say 29 inches long, but they squash down her head. I measured her in bed and she's 31 inches. i'm on the pill right now because i'm not eager for another rip/tear like the first one but i'm afraid i might have ovulated a couple of days back. i had cramps and the ewcm and like a dummy, decided to bd lol! personally i'd like to stick to the one i have, but if we have two, then so be it, but my preference is one, just for the record lol. Kiara can walk holding our hands, crawl in her own little odd way and has her own language and says mama and dada. anyway, i'm off to bed. i have a killer headache lol. night ladies!!


pfcwife - October 11

Heya guys ... Long time have not seen alot of yall. I'm doing fine we moved from japan back to America this month.. Baby is 7 months now and trying to walk and refuses to crawl.... No teeth popping through yet but he's teething...


angelmonkey - October 12

hey everyone Heidi now has 2 teeth crawling saying da da nearly saying ma ma dont know if i updated that already............have just found out im pregnant with no2.....very shocked complete mistake but everything happens for a reason in my eyes.....i've not long stopped b___stfeeding so have not been on anything, was trying to miss ovulation and we were also using the pull out method so im completly shocked so to all the girls out there that think the pull out method works! IT DOES NOT! hope everyone is ok


pfcwife - October 12

Comgradulation V and Angel.. I don't think I'm ready for another baby lol... I made sure soon as I had my baby I went on the shot right away...


angelmonkey - October 13

me either pvfwife! i dont know what to do really, i dont feel like i want this baby but i'd never forgive meyself if i had an abortion :( i havnt long stopped breasfeeding so thats why im on no conrtaceptive i was on the mini pill but i just didnt agree with my body so we used condoms they stupidly we decided we'd us the pull out method and not have s_x around ovulation so im baffled to how this happened lol pretty slim chances


pfcwife - October 13

Heya angel.. Listen things happen for reasons.. And this baby your carrying happened for a reason... This baby is a blessing so try not to feel that way... I know it's hard to take care of one and being pregnant with one... Just try and take it a day at a time and take a few hours for your self to relax everyday.... Your a great mom


angelmonkey - October 13

thanks pcfwife, i know everything happens for a reason just a bit paniky atm on how im going to cope with Heidi only being 16months when the newbaby is born.....and how silly i've been really i though not having s_x around ovulation and pulling out when we did would make it near impossible but now i know anything is possible.....especiaslly as i tried for 9months with heidi and this happens lol, i'll be fine i have no choice lol


Teddyfinch - October 14

angel: not to mention that, but think of the positives of Heidi being 16 months when your baby gets here. she'll be walking so you will have an easier time going out with both of them. she'll be off of formula so you won't be buying formula for 2 and you can actually start the potty training process at that time so you won't have 2 in diapers. me, personally, i'm too scared to try for another right now. i'm pretty thankful for my infertility at this point lol.


angelmonkey - October 14

she may be walkign but i doubt walking far, im still going to have to get a double buggy.....its not even thoses thjings that are worrying me....its how im going to cope at hoem with a 16month and newborn by myself....im really in 2minds the smartest thing would be abortion but i dotn think i cvan bring my self to do it......i have days where i think oh i'll manage, but other days where i dotn have a clue what im going to do and think it woul;d eb easier to get a termination.....i just dotn want to ruin Heidi's life or this new babys life by not being able to look after them....i just need to get a clear head before i decide anything.....at the moment im 90% i'll keep it but then all the worrys pop up :(


angelmonkey - October 15

oh and anyone i have on facebook please dont mention it there as i havnt announced it to everyone until 12 weeks



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