Where Were Your Parents

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qp - October 27

I’m just curious where your parents where while you children were out having s_x at such a young age? Did they not warn you of the repercussions? Why in the world would you have s_x at such a young age?


K - October 27

Not everyone is lucky enough to have a stable family, or a positive role model...mother/father figure.At 14 even kids are smart enough to make their own decisions about their life. You can't always blame the parents. At 14 I knew where I wanted my life to go, and I knew I wasn't going to be having s_x. I didn't need to be strictly disciplined to make these decisions.


Daile - October 28

My parents, grandparents, aunts, and uncles all happened to be in my life, and that of my sisters, while we were growing up. And still, my sister has two children at the age of nineteen...It has NOTHING TO DO WITH THE PARENTS!!!! It's amazing how many people are willing to blame the parents for the actions of the children. Do you think that everyone under 18 is a marionette?? That we have strings our parents pull to control our every move? Just because someone is not legally an adult doesn't mean they don't have a mind of their own. They make their own decisions, whether they know the consequences or not. In fact, the parents who are most in their children's lives, the ones that enforce strict rules about not dating or being alone with a guy, are contributing to the problem in my opinion. I mean, if someone tells you you can't do something, you just want to do it even more! And as for why, because it's fun, silly! No really, I started having s_x at 15, because I wanted to show my boyfriend how much I loved him. I'm a very physical person, and it is easier for me to express myself that way than through words. Everyone has a different reason for having s_x, so there is no answer to that question.


qp - October 28

You started having s_x at the age of 15 because you’re a hormonal driven idiot. If you actually think that parents being involved and having a positive influence on their children is going to worsen the problem, its time to widen your horizons dear. Your obviously still a child.


Jennie.P - November 1

Well, I've been with my fiancee for 5 years (I'm 19) so when we first starting having s_x, my parents were home, so were his....we'd find places to go, make up excuses. Then when we got pregnant four months ago, they were also at their houses,...>WHILE we were at ours!! I had s_x with him at 14 because I love him, and still do, and am still with him. Oh, and my mother is a nurse, she was supplying the birth control like any responsible mother should!! Just judging by your post, I think that I'm a little bit more mature then yourself, so who do you think you are calling me and everyone else on this site a child??


Janet - November 12

My parents were always there with what I need it or wanted or wished for But they worked to much and felt a lonely unloved I had every thing I want it But I need it love love and love. I felt really in love with this guy and well I wanted to show him I love him so I had s_x. I know that is not right. But y did I do it anyways b/c I love him. Right know I'm liveing with him Im happy and we will be getting married after finishing high school. My mom and dad were really really sad at first but not anymore.


madison - November 12

no, they didnt warn me. they were to busy telling me to be more like my sister to care.



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