Who Ever Had A Period While Pregnant I Need Support

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rae - June 20

Have anyone here ever had a period and pregnant. Have you ever been pregnant and didn't know? I think I could be pregnant but my period came on. Can someone help me


alisha - June 20

right now i am going through the same thing. I went to plan parenthood today and they said the test came out negative. I have to go back in 2 weeks.my period keeps coming a week late.Did you try taking a pregnancy test.


rae - June 20

I took a test and the line was light. I don't know what to think.


cory - June 20

hey, i'm in the same boat. I'm almost positive that i'm pregnant, however i did get my period... twice. But all the other signs are there... i dunno wat to think. I certainly feel like im pregnant, and i've gained a little weight, but i still got my normal period. So confused...


Amy - June 21

Rae, if you got a positive test, even light, it means you are pregnant. I am 12 weeks pregnant tomorrow, and I have had three sort of normal periods, both shorter and lighter than usual. I never got a positive on any hpt, but went to the dr and had a blood test which was positive. I go for my first ultrasound in two weeks, so yeah it is definately possible. Also, a good friend of mine started throwing up, had headaches, but still continued her periods, so thought nothing of it. At the time we were eating a lot of mcdonalds (lol) so she also didnt think anything of her 5 kg weight gain (it wasnt even on her stomach) she usued to say to me omg i can feel a spasm in the side, its so funny, but STILL thought nothing of it lol. Anyway, nine months later, she had a healthy baby girl. Drs suspect that her baby was right up against her spine, and thats why she coudlnt feel much movement, didnt gain much weight, etc. Anyway, good luck to you xxxxxxx


29 year old MOTHER - June 21

I had a period while pregnant. I had to get a ultrasound. Go see a OB/GYN asap. Good Luck


dee - June 21

I' m the same way but I dont know what to think. I;ve done a test but comes out negative


to amy - June 22

to be pregnant the test has to be positive



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