Who Likes This Name

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unknown - June 10

Tyler Jay Morton, or any other boys name that would suit.


M - June 10

Yes it's a very nice name :-)


unknown - June 10

: ) thanks, its gonna be like TJ for short : )


~kat~ - June 10

yeah i like it too....


MEG - June 12

I like it very much!!!


Reba - June 12

I like it. I wouldn't name my kid Tyler but that's because I have Issues LOL


frosty the supervisor - June 12

Wow, something normal. Go with it, unknown, Tyler Jay is a beautiful name that means he won't have a lifetime of uttering the phrase "I have weird parents".


Sa__s - June 12

God, a lot of the people here are offensive. Not that I'm a pregnant teen or anything, but I don't see anything wrong with an unusual name. I mean, my given name's Amanda - I had four Amandas and three Mandys in my biology cla__s. The purpose of a name is to distinguish one person from another. Would you rather have people say, "That's Chavez," or, "You know, Tyler... no, not that Tyler. The other one. Tyler Morton... No, that's Tyler Murray." Just choose a name that means something to you. a__suming that you're on the right board and you are a teen mother, try giving your child a name that will a__sure him of your love for him. How about a name meaning beloved (like Caradoc, or Zane), or wanted (Connor)?


Amy - June 12

Thats a really nice name and TJ is a good nick name.


Ca__sandra - June 12

I really like Tyler Jay. :)


unknown - June 13

i came here to ask if any1 liked it, not to get s*** of ppl, myself n my bf like it very much, n thanks to others that like it 2 :D i actually like unusual names, betta than havin a name that all other kids have in their cla__s, i also like mercedes is very cute,n levi (for girl or boy), bailey, thanks every1 x


no name - June 13

thats a really cute name


Gretchen - June 13

I don't like it at all, its so common


unknown - June 14

Tyler Jay maybe common where u come from but it isnt where i come from, thanks again to people that like it


Meg - June 21

i think it is very sweet and not to motherly



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