Who S 15 17 N Pregnant Or Might Be

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Mimiask - February 12

hi im 17 and i jus found out im pregnant im 5 weeks and if anyone wanted to talk u can im me anytime or if u think u might be maybe i can help u out or if u have a hard time wit ur parents cuz belive me every since my parents found out its been h__l but its gettin better so if u wanna talk my sns r Yahoo: thatgurlalex aim: mscherryluv8988 and leave ur sns if u would like so people can have support buddies n girls who already had ur babies leave us sum tips pleas thanks alot


Ts01 - February 12

Im 16 and I think I might be pregnant....my aim: is juss4you01...I need advice maybe you could help me.....


Nikki0888 - February 12

I'm also 17 and just found out about a week ago. I would like other people to talk to. My aim is innocentgirly08 and my yahoo is heavensdevil08.


Loving Life - February 12

Im 15 and theres a HUGE posibility that i could be pregnant. I think i im because i been having all the symptoms and today i had a discharge of bronish blood i think is called implantation bleeding. Well im going ti get tested tomorrow to see whats up.I kind of want to be but if im not im getting on birth control pills.


ashchik - February 13

im 17 and am 17weeks pregnant. i have moved away from the father but he says he is still going to be there for me and the baby


Brithew - February 13

Im 15 and think i might be pregnant. I took a test Friday and it was negative. My period was expected the 10th and i still have not gotten it. I have some symptoms and im really scared. If im not im def. gettin on the pill! aim:britbrat36969 i really need some help if its not a problem!


krista-lee - February 13

im 16 and 25 weeks along :)


ChaycesMom - February 13

I dont want to be anywhere near rude about this, but why are you all having s_x so young without protection? There are so many other things that could happen to you, without using protection, other than being pregnant. For those of you who are pg, congrats, I hope everything goes well for you. For those of you who arent, use protection next time. I'm just curious, not trying to bash anyone.


krista-lee - February 13

its funny how no one says that to adults!!


kizzy - February 13

im 17 and found out i was pregnant when i was 5 weeks....now im 10 and everything is great...my parents didnt freak and we heard the heartbeat last week.


ashchik - February 13

hearing the heartbeat is awesome, it makes it all seem real


ChaycesMom - February 14

It is funny how no one says that to adults, but then again they have already been thru 15 - 17. I'm sure that if they were that age they would be asked the same thing. Now I wasnt trying to be rude, I just asked a simple question, that obviously you couldnt answer. So please if you are mature enough to have s_x without protection and undergo the consequences, how about explaining to me why you would want too.


qwerty - February 14

im 15 and 39weeks pregnant!


coltonsgirl - February 15

i am 15 and so is my boyfriend. i found out that i was pregnant a week a go.


Corrine321 - February 15

I's 15 and 22 weeks pregnant... -Corrine-


unsure_baby16 - February 16

I'm 16, could REALLY be preg but haven't tested yet!!


samantha - February 16

Im 15 almost 16 will be on the 27th of this month and I am seven months pregnant my yahoo is littlefirecracker16.



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