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Shorty K - April 17

Ok.. i am not jus on here complainin... or accusing anyone.. but how come most guys leave? and how come they do this shit to us? Like have s_x.. and then wen it comes down to business.. they NEVER GROW UP OR THEY LEAVE? i luv my daughter.. and shit.. but sumtimes i feel like i jus wunt to give her up... becuz i kno someone culd do a better job than me.. and want it more than me!! i wunt her and i luv her to death... and liike i think i wuld feel better about myself.. and her if sumone else wuld have her... cuz i kno damn well the babi daddy wuldnt take care of her.. his mom will.. i stayed there over the weekend.. and he didnt get to do shit..I HAD TO DO IT ALL and liike he wuld do it wen shes sleeping... and its like she wanted to do everything.. to make my daughter closer to her.. and now that were back at home. she doesnt wunt nothing to do with me!!! LORD! i hate that.. do u think my daughter loves his mom more than me? i am jus sooo upset now... liike i am jus like so close to jus giving my daughter to their family..!!! maybe she can do a better job than me!! jus asnswer this.. and please dunt say anyting bad! :(


crissa - April 17

nothing bad here. you do love your daughter and it is understandable that you have feelings of regret but remember you created it and you stood by it. no man is good enough for you if he doesnt stand by you. you are more mature and i have a feeling you can handle the baby. the baby just knows the other woman is experienced..they sense things like that. spend time with her and love her. your her mother she has to love you back..its the laws of nature. good luck


crissa - April 17

p.s. please answer my question im dying over here lol


Shorty K - April 17

Whats ur ?!! u didnt ask me one.. jus tell me wut it is


Forget the father. - April 18

That's your child, even if he doesn't take care of her, you know that she is yours. You might regret giving her to his family. Babies and children are very much close to their grandparents. You need to love her, and just try to talk to him. You should be happy that you have support from his mother, there are alot of females that have to do it all alone.


Keene - April 18

your man is a dawg girl and he doesnt deserve the baby. Nah i dont think she love his mom more than you. A grandmom can probly just show more affection cos she aint gotta spend 24/7 wit the kid. Jus do the best you can girl cos you can do it!!! im 17 and i got a 14 month old baby girl and she and her mom are my world. So dont lose faith in bro's girl!! Were not all runaways from our responsibilities, you just got darn unlucky. Are you actually with him? I reckon you can do so much better.


Lisa - April 18

Guys leave because they can, it's that simple, they probably feel that its the mothers job to do everything. Its never easy when you don't feel supported by the father of your baby and eventually it wears you down. Trust me, your baby loves you, you are her mum and NO one can replace you. Does your mum live close by? Maybe you could talk to her, or to a friend that might understand. I hope other young girls read this post so that they understand that being a mum isn't all fun and games....its a serious job raising a child.


Keene - April 19

hey giiiiirl see, you stronger than you think!!! You dont need no dog like that girl. And remember, that babygirl wont be a baby forever.. she grow up be more independent, go to school... you got so much to look forward to girl!!!! Good luck xxxx


Shorty K - April 19

Thanks keene... appreciate it... e-mail me if ud like [email protected]!!! so whats ur story?


minnie - April 19

Shorty K Guys are not wired like girls, even the best of fathers. Having a baby changes your whole life, the way you think and feel. Ever try to let your baby cry? It’s very hard to let them, and impossible for you to ignore them. To you, it stresses you out, and makes you feel guilty. Guys just think that it’s noisy. They don’t get stressed out about crying or whining. A baby can command your total attention. I think you are very realistic about motherhood. If you are the mother, the baby is 100% dependant on you, nobody else. The baby will come to love you eventually, but babies are made to look out for themselves. You can’t expect a feeling of love from a baby to make everything right for you. Sometimes being a mother is nothing but HARD, and it will last for a few years. Are you having serious thoughts about giving the baby up? I don’t think it would make YOU feel better, but in your heart do you feel that it’s best for the baby?.


Shorty K - April 19

No i am not giving her up.... Mark (da babi dadi) doesnt deserve her... plus shes too attatched to me.. i can tell!! cuz everytime mark picks her up... she cries and then wen i hold her she stops and gives me lil kisses... :) i luv her to death and sumtimes i dunt kno wut i am thinkin and i jus vent!! i wuld not give my baby up for anything.. even if sumone payed me millions n millions of dollars.. i still wuldnt!! :( LOL yaa but shes def a mommies girl truuuust me!! thanks yall muah :-D



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