Why Am I Getting This Discharge

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Gaby - February 6

i got my period january 25 and it ended on the 2nd. i had unprotected s_x on sat and yesterday night i got a brown discharge and i have a little bit of cramps. is till have it but i dont know why i dont know if im ovulating but evrytime i am the discharge is white and right now it brown and reddish kind of like my period. has it happened to you and do you know why?


Gaby - February 6

please answer me i have alot of it but i dont know why?


Gaby - February 6

come on please answer people actually go to the post where girls are talking about pictures of their babies more than actual questions (sorry if i sound b___hy)


Amasu - February 7

Hi Gaby, It sounds to me like it could possibly be implantation bleeding, though some people do experience a little spotting with ovulation. A regular test won't be able to confirm pregnancy until at least a day or two after your period should have come...though there are early response kits out there that can supposedly work only a couple of weeks after conception. I would advise you not to drink, smoke or take any medications until you know for sure...it also wouldn't hurt to start taking a vitamin with folic acid right now. A lot of birth defects could be prevented if the mother was taking care of herself at conception on. HTH


Jbear - February 7

Gaby, sometimes you may bleed a little bit when you ovulate. There's a superst_tion that it is a sign of fertility. Either way, it sounds like you probably had unprotected s_x during your fertile days. If a baby is not an option for you right now, you can take emergency contraception up to 72 hours after unprotected s_x. Call your gynocologist or planned parenthood first thing in the morning if you need emergency contraception (plan B). The sooner you take it the more likely it is to work.


Grandpa Viv - February 7

On a 28 day cycle you should not ovulate until tomorrow, so the chance of this being a pregnancy issue (so far) is small. If your recent period was more like spotting than a proper period, maybe you got pregnant last month, but surely you would be talking of a few early signs by now - fatigue etc. If you do happen to ovulate tomorrow, sperm from Sat night might still have enough strength to get you pregnant this month. You could also just be having an irregular cycle, maybe a cyst, and things will straighten out next cycle. Use good contraceptive practice, and good luck!


Gaby - February 7

actually its not a light spotting anymore its like my regular period bright red but i think its weird that my regular 7 day period just finished on the 2nd and i got it again on the 6th. is that normal?



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