Why Are People Nasty To Each Other On Here

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Hanny - January 6

why is every1 so nasty to each other on here? this is a teen pregnancy forum, i dont think u have the right telling pregnant teens they are pathetic or telling them to have an abortion it is there choice, calling them a slag is in reasponsable, aint most of u meant to be adults? yeh some of the stories i dont really believe but u never know they could be telling the truth!


Hanny - January 6

Not all of us have families, i know what you are trying to say but at the end of the day it's their choice!


brucen - January 9

Hormones due to pregnancy and/or ignorance due to immaturity


becca - January 10

i think that you adults are disrespectable to us we have to grow up fast n maby u dnt like the fact that some teenagers r smarter then you just back off ur opinions/veiws/comments arnt needed!!!


Lori - January 11

And it is children like Becca that need to be sterilized. You have not grown up you are just dragging an innocent infant into your web of sins and lack of morals. Maybe if you would grow up the adults on this site would repect your views and opinions. And to clarify while I did state that you need to find God, it does not matter what God you believe in, simply that you have a greater guidance. Finally Kimberlt I am glad that pregnancy let you find yourself and gave you the ability to love and respect yourself but for too many young girls it does not have this effect it merely drags another soul into the pit of dispair.


Hilary - January 11

I just plain hate stupid teens, pay attention in s_x ed ok?


Emmie H. - January 11

i agree with you, i dont know why people have to be harsh. i asked about something and some people were nice but other... OMG it hurts. i mean i was trying to Explain myself and they misunderstand me... i dont know.... whatever you cant change people but still you write in here for help and understanding and people have to b___h... why?



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