Why Are So Many Of You Ttc And Want To Get Pg

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AB - November 19

Just curious-Why are so many of you desperate to have babies at this age? Why do you want to throw away your youth? I'm 16 and I can't imagine being a mom right now let alone trying to intentionally become one.


erin - November 21

i love my baby and do not regret having her at all but i do agree wholeheartedly, getting pregnant on purpose at that age in this day and age is not very smart at all...i know friends of mine who actually tried to get pregnant thinking the father, who worked at McDonalds was going to be able to support them but he left them so quick, it's just not smart to do it until you know you're ready but if it's a mistake then you just have to get ready quick no matter how hard it is it is doable if you try really hard to make it work, sometimes i worry if my baby would have had a better life if i had given her up for adoption but at the time i wanted to have a baby, pregnancy and babies have been popular lately...it's very true and kind of sad too


Med Student - November 23

I am with you on that. My son was born when I was 23 and married and it was still hard as hell, for me AND my hubby. Why someone would want to do that alone and young is beyond me. I give full credit to those who find themselves there by accident and still make a go of it, but to try to do it? On purpose? Have your head checked girls!!!!


Sparkle - November 23

I wasn't going to post on here, because i don't feel as though i have to justify myself, but i also want to give you all an insight of my thoughts, so you could maybe try to understand why not all 'teenagers' think babies are like dolls. Firstly, I'm 19 years old, and been with my boyfriend for nearly 2 years, we've known eachother for about 6 years. We've been living together for 8 months now. We got engaged in June this year, and are both very happy! Well, we've been trying for a few months now, due on my period on friday (fingers crossed). I don't believe that having a baby will be easy! I know that the pregnancy will be hard too! I've been through a lot for a 19 year old. I've lived abroad, had an abortion, had the unsuccesful relationship, which lasted a year, ended up heart broken, and feeling used, it was his baby. I'm not wanting a baby with my new dp to fill any kind of gap for my lost angel, that baby has it's own little place in my heart, and will be there forever. I just feel as though I'm ready for this, and my partner an i are wanting this commitment. We both have good jobs, could be better, but were happy with what we are doing, and are very stable. We have a little baby savings account, and put as much money as we can in there every month. We also have a spare room in the flat were in now! Emotionally, were perfect! not a day goes by where i don't get told that I'm loved, and neither does he, most people never get that throgh there whole lives! It's not something we've just jumped into either, we talked about it for a few months before we decided anything, and i feel as though we are both mature enough to deal with any kind of complications the pregnancy may throw at us. It may not be what 'we should be doing at our age' but it's what we 'want' to be doing, and i think thats all that matters. Any questions, or advise welcome.


carol - November 23

I agree ab.When I was that age I would hate to have been pregnant.Erin says she loves her baby,of course thats natural,nevertheless there is time to have kids,enjoy the freedom your friends etc 1st.Have a child when you have been with someone for ages,and built up a strong bond,have your own money etc.maybe they have not got a life and need to love something so thought in a silly way that having a baby they could love,they don't realise how demanding the kid is.


Robyn - November 23

I think it's stupid trying to get pregnant at such an early age. I am 15 and have had 2 miscarriages. I miss what could I could of been and my babies but I know it happened for the best. I really dont think I could handle a baby at the moment and all the exams I am taking are hard work to revise for so I really don't know why anyone this age would want anymore stress than they already have from exams and things happening with their bodies. x x x


CAROL - November 23

I agree with you ladies, that most teens have no business being parents. However, that's not how reality works out, and whether these babies are planned or not, they will happen. The shame/stigma a__sociated with young mothers make it even more of a challenge, which is why these young ladies need our support rather than our scorn.


TO CAROL - November 23

Your baby was planned.


CAROL - November 23

I know. I wasn't specifically talking about myself. I'm saying, whether planned or not, everybody needs support during pregnancy, so let's stop browbeating these young ladies and give them the supprt they need. Peace be with you.


**To CAROL - November 23

will you please stop saying "peace be with you" and calling these young girls "ladies"? Because one, its annoying and two, they're not ladies-they're little tramps who have no idea what they're doing! There's nothing lady-like about them.


CAROL - November 23

There's no need for name calling, and I will tell people peace be with you regardless. If you don't like it, let your eyes skip over my posts. And peace be with YOU, young lady.


* - November 23

You my dear, are a real neat treat, I tell ya.


h - November 23

well missy you are on the wrong forum



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