Why Did I Threw Up In My Mouth

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C - November 6

well ok my cycle came on oct 26th on Oct 25 i was spotting while having intercouse(had no idea) well yesterday morning i was talking to my mom and all of a sudden its like i threw up in my mouth!!! Last night at my little cousin party i ate some chuckee cheese pizza(1 slice) and when we left i went to my cousin house while i was standing up my mouth felt real watery inside and throw up tryed to come up!!!!(they say most girl can just be gagging and not really throw up some girls do) i can't be pregnant cause my cycle came on and on the preg website they say no way a girl can have her period and be pregnant but it could be implatation bleeding but it wasn't it was my normal cycle and it ususually last for 6-7 days it stayed on for 5 so now my mom talking about taking me to the doc after thanksgiving cause hopefully my cycle comes on around the 23rd or 24th i don't know what to do should i go? and some girls say they period still came on afterwards they took a test it was neg(2 early) she wait for 3 more days it was pos. so i don't know if i should really take a test? incase yall wondering i'm 18


To: C - November 7

Well you should definitely just take a pregnancy test, that way you'll be sure. If you just take a test then you'll know the facts and you wont have to worry anymore. I hope everything works out for you!


C - November 7

thanks i will


Hisamie - November 7

Actualy you can be pregnant and still have your period. It happen to my Aunt and it might bve happening ot me. So yeah just wait a bit and take a test


Jbear - November 8

You can burp and have a little bit of vomit come up...it does not mean you're pregnant. Sometimes you will spot if you have s_x right before your period is due (a lot of women will have s_x when their period is late, to see if that will start the period). You can take a pregnancy test to be sure, but you're probably not pregnant.


errr - November 8

it usually means your food is coming back into your mouth! You burp, your food comes up. It's not pregnancy!


C - November 8

who said anything about burping?


bb - November 9

gut reactions. Food comes into your trap.


Jbear - November 9

could be reflux or a hiatal hernia, if you really want something to be wrong



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