Why Do None Teens Come To This Fourm

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kendra.marie - November 2

oh seriously i love how constantly there are people trying to talk c__p & down grade people say they lie say this say that try to prove people wrong ( maybe before anyone gives any advise or tries to say something about someone they should make sure they know all the facts or they look like the idiot) yah its funny how constantly people are judging others & trying to say others are lieing look at yourself; look at what others think of you; you ladies say alot of us are liars, & ones that have no lifes, yet your on here READING are stuff about our lives & trying to throw shit in our faces come on now. your the ones with growing up to do; constantly trying to say who's a liar who isn't who cares get over it be here to help otherwise bug off & go some where with yourself. you know we could all sit here & say so & so said this then so & so said that WHO CARES. this forum is a site to ask ?s & get answers 50% of you aren't even teens so why are you here, your not helping your constantly hassling someone. grow up & move on with yourself. who cares your thoughts just answer the questions & move on with yourself. seriously its more then annoying.


GimmeaBub - November 2

Kendra dont stress too mcuh over it, you gotta remember there is 6 billion people on this planet ya cant make em all happy, I have had a few girls on here too who say things just to get on your nerves pay no attention to it hun it's not worth it, it's a pregnancy forum and you are pregnant lets celebrate lol. Btw i am 21, so i aint a teen but i find i can sometimes like to help and i can relate to teens better call me immature lol. anyway baby juice hun


erenimi - November 2

If people want to lower themselves to say things like what they are saying, thats on them. Just ignore it, let it go, and try to stay above it. As long as you don't lower yourself to their negative, nasty level, you'll be saved alot of energy.


Tracey-uk - November 2

haha. Hey Kendra. i'm not a teen i'm old, 25 years and every birthday i'm getting younger. seriously tho i do get what you are saying - i like to come on here cos i seem to relate better to younger people. a lot of my friends (in real life) are younger than me. but anyway go away haters lol


kendra.marie - November 2

haha gabby your funny i love you more & more everyday hehe =] so how have you been. erenimi- i know its so flipping digusting ughh its so funny how they all jump on ME for this case being. hehe tracey- yah but ur amazing you are all 50% that are teens but you all are very supportive thoughtful & polite also =] i love you three bunches


BouncingBabyBoy - November 2

Kendra today it is you, tommorow it will be me, there will always be someone different.


FutureTwinMom - November 3

I just want to say that while I don't like some of the choices Kendra has made(clomid), I can say for certain that she is not a fake. By the way how did that work out for you? Are you having a single pregnancy or twins? Hope you have a healthy pregnancy.


PreciousBaby19 - November 4

she never took clomid..she went against it. she got preg naturally


Baliezer - November 4

Oh, well congratulations.



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