Why Do People Please Help

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Jen - November 10

why are people that are against abortion act so mean. Like BB in another post said that a 13 year old girl that had complictions with an abortion and had a bad time got what she deserved. It's almost like thses people who want to protect a life can at the same time be so cruel and mean. Please explain this to me.


E - November 10

They are judgmentalists, not pro-life acitvists. They are the underdogs and that is what underdogs do. Abortion is legal and they feel powerless (as they are) so they can only spew hateful remarks. Desperation is their name.


GiGi - November 10

Because they haven't got a clue what it's like to be in extremely difficult situations abd deep down are very spiteful and sad people. If they were in the position of the person thats had/considering having an abortion they would feel differently, but they aren't so they just want everyone to conform to their beliefs. They do not believe in freedom of choice - people HAVE to agree with them or they spit their dummies out and have a tantrum. There are people on here that who are against abortion but respect everyones right to choose for themselves, and they deserve respect. The others are spoilt idiots believe they are the only ones ent_tled to reply to anyone.


Nill - November 10

Hmmm they have a go but I don't think they would care less, they think its something right to believe in, might give them a sense of righteousness. Most of all they are impractical people. If it bothers them so much, why don't they adopt kids? They want to bring unwanted kids into the world - why don't they put their money where their mouth is and adopt? But no don't bother we don't need kids been brought up by these disrespectful people. If you are the same Jen that adopts I have full respect for you and the way you talk about your little boy. It's nice to know there are decent people out there.


= - November 10

yea its not right that their cruel and they shouldnt judge but there are a lot of girls who think they can have all the s_x they want and not worry about being pregnant because all they have to do is abort and move on and that isnt right if these girls are going to choose to have s_x then they need to get over it and face their responsibilities I'm not saying girls who have abortions should be judged because they might have their personal good reasons but the girls who come on here saying I had unprotected s_x and I'm scared of telling my parents im pregnant so im just going to abort. can you seriously tell me you think thats right? I personally dont agree with abortion because that is a baby growing inside of you just like you, me and everyone else were once in our mothers stomach just like we got a chance to live life don't you think some of those babies deserved it to. I really don't like to judge people so you won't see me on here making rude comments to these girls because they need all the support they can get yea i might say my opinion but thats just it its their life and im no one to tell them what to do but what i am saying is girls need to be more responsible when having s_x and not to think of abortion as a birth control.


jellybelly2005 - November 11

dont let them bother you!!! if it is what you want then it is the right choice..better then bringing a life into the world and not being able to take care of it!!



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