Why Do People Talk About Religion On This Site

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Katie - October 10

In an earlier post i think it was either 'Abortion' or 'Read this and then try getting an abortion' a girl was saying that abortions are wrong because the lord says so, well as i posted the 'lord' or 'god' wouldn't want you having s_x before you are married. So i dunno what the h__l you religious people aim to gain from posting things about god on this site. God wouldn't sway any opinion of mine, as when put like that, it just doesn't make any sense. What are people supposed to think?


Re: Katie - October 10

Katie, some people cannot think for themeselves so they use religion to guide the most important decisions in their lives. Sad but true. I prefer to use reality and education for my important decisions. AMEN!


Syanne - October 10

Because most of these people are brainwashed into thinking that every single persons life is run by this big bloke that lives in the sky and they must abide by his rules or they will be banished forever into a fiery kingdom of doom and gloom where some red bloke with horns will be sticking a hot poker up their a__s. Man and they think we're irrational and uneducated! If you have noticed it is these 'religious' people that post some of the nastiest comments on here and are by far the most judgemental. Which shows they really have no idea how their religion works, they are just brainwashed into their views and they don't have any idea how to live in the real world and have no experience of the issue they are replying to. Their argument is that everyone is ent_tled to their opinion (except of course the people whose views differ from their) but this is not what this site is for. Girls should be able to come here for non-judgemental, practical advice, not to be threatened and verbally abused.


............... - October 10

It is clear that none of you have been educated on who your maker is. Yeah right, and you say you prefer to use reality and education for important decisions. First of all, if that were true you would realize that you are here today due to God. Second of all if you were using reality and education for important decisions you would have known about & used contraception correctly. Therefore, you wouldn't be a uneducated knocked up teen! Get a clue.........


Re: ...............dumba__s - October 10

I am not an uneducated, knocked-up teen. Just a 31 year old married woman who happens to believe in evolution, not God. I do not necessarily believe in God as my creator but, if I was created by a higher being, IT WAS NOT YOUR BIBLICAL, JUDGMENTAL, VINDICTIVE GOD!!!!!!!!!!!!


Syanne - October 10

See what I meant by the religious being the most judgemental? I, too, am not a 'knocked up teen' I am a mother in my twenties. I'm not here today due to god, I am here due to my father having s_x with my mother. They are here due to my grandfathers having s_x with my grandmothers and we are all here due to astrological explosions that formed the planet and the first living organisms developing and evolving to the changes in the planets atmosphere and what was needed to help them move about and survive. We evolved. As a woman, my first predecesor was not formed from the rib of some bloke that magically appeared from nowhere. We haven't been educated? Take a look at yourself you silly person and think about it.


Shorty - October 10

Stop the bickering PLEASE!!! I can not beleive the c___p that is coming out of peoples mouths... from both sides of this argument. NO Noone should ever force someone into beleiving something, there is something called "free will". But there is also something called "mutual respect" and respecting peoples beleifs and ideals. Half the way you people are talking just shows that none of you have a clue to whats going on... you just wanna scream out your two cents and expect people to fall in line.... I am soory but it doesnt work that way.


Re: Shorty - October 10

We can say whatever we want, wherever we want Shorty. If you don't like it, leave the room.


Syanne - October 10

People can believe what they like, it makes no difference to me and I wouldn't want to force my view on anyone. I do have a clue whats going on, I listen and learn. I just don't agree with 1. Someone telling me where I came from, when it is not true, and 2. People calling girls that have had abortions murderers and babykillers and trying to scare them by saying they will go to hell. There's no need for that. I came here in the first place to get advice and to offer it and some of the things I have seen written disgust me. Anyway I will leave it at that and I won't expect anyone to tell me I don't know what I'm talking about, the same as I will not say it to them.


To shorty - October 10

You aint the moderator people can say what their views are you aint got no right to tell someone they aint got a clue what they are talking about. Ive noticed you get into plenty of arguments and your views challenged, i doubt you'd want someone telling you to shut up


Thomas - October 10

It just seems pretty odd that the people here spouting the hateful tone are those of you who don't believe in God. It is a same that you can't have your belief without knocking someone else's. If you have to knock someone else's beliefs then you don't have enough support to believe in your own. You ladies say you are mothers, 31 & twenties and you act this way. Shame on you....... What are you teaching your children??.


To......re:......Dumba__s - October 10

Is that the only way you can support your belief, by calling others a name (GOD)? OMG..........you obviously are only teaching your children hatred. You are a grown woman at 31 so start acting like one!!


Shorty - October 10

And my point on how immature people are on this forum has been proven..


Syanne - October 11

My children are brought up with love and respect and also I encourage them to choose what they want to believe, and I also teach them common sense. As I said before, people can believe what they want, the same as I can too and I feel no need to support what I believe. Whatever, who cares. I am not 'spouting in a hateful tone', that is the way you choose to read it, not how I am saying it. Please don't bring my children into this as it isn't necessary and don't say I should be ashamed because I have nothing to be ashamed of. Anyway, lets stop this. I am going to try and offer my advice as a mother to the people on here.


Brandy - October 11

If you are not a teenager experiencing the situation I for one would rather you not be here............... This forum is for teenagers. Go to General Pregnancy. That is where the adults are. Then again, the way you act no adult would want to put up with your judgement either.


Brandy post - October 11

This forum is about "teenagers" not only for them. Anyone can post here and the adults seem to be the only people with decent advice on this board. By the way, I don't think anyone cares what you for one would like. It is not like anyone here knows each other and has some real respect for the people here. We post where we want, when we want.


Ashyia - October 11

Its called 'teenage pregnancy', that doesn't necessarily mean that only teenagers can use it. It can be used for older mums to offer advice and for people who were teenagers when they became mums. Its good to get a whole range of people. Im 19, mum to a little girl and Id hate someone to say next year teenage pregnancy isnt any of my business anymore. Anyway as syanne said, lets put an end to it and start offering practical advice, and we shouldn't let our views and beliefs get in the way of helping someone.



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