Why Does Everyone Feel Teen Pregnancy Is So Bad

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Elizabeth~* - November 16

Over the past few years alot of people I know have had babies and though it was a struggle it was a good thing and they are very happy. Me and my Bf have actually been trying to have a baby and cannot wait so far we have been unsuccessful for about a year and whenever i look for info on teen pregnancy all it talks about is how awful teen pregnancy is why cant they give info on the good of having a baby and what teens need to expect im 16 almost 17 and I feel that pregnancy is a blessing no matter how old the mother is as long as she has a father for her child and the money to support it! so to all the brave teens who keep their baby Congrats!! you are a true sign of feminism and power you have accomplished something greater than any adult could


E - November 16

Vomit, puke, gag. Do not compare feminism to teen pregnacy, please. You have lived on this earth for a SHORT 16 years and think you have found the man you will be with forever. lol. The only recourse in all of this is that you will be able to one day look back (20/20 hindsight) and see that it was too early. Most will not regret having their children but will probably wish they had waited till they were at least old enough to drive or vote! That said, I do not condone teen pregnancy but am always here to help those that need a__sistance with finding resources to either prevent pregnancy or to get a__sistance if they are already pregnant. Good luck teens. There are other blessings in this world other than creating a human being so early in your lives.


karen - November 16

ppl criticize it all the time but it is here to stay. it has always been here. im 19 and this pregnancy is the best thing to ever happen to me. so wat if i'm not 25 or 30 or 35. i luv my baby and, elizabeth, thank you for saying this. wat matters is the baby. if it is coming into a loving home and can be provided for as needed, big deal if the mother hasnt reached the age of 20 yet. why is that the magic number. i know some 25 yr olds more unstable and immature than my 15 yr old sis.


ikeshia - November 16

i think because a lot of girl dose drugs or smoking whlie pergnant.


Lisa - November 16

Sadly, i think you need to look at the psychological profile of any teen who WANTS a baby, and have them ask themselves WHY???? What is missing from their lives, what were they deprived from when they were growing up? The reason why people are so against teen pregnancy is simple....firstly,they are not equipped emotionally or financially, they probably haven't finished their education or been able to explore other avenues such as career choices, or continuation of their education. Teenagers should have SO MUCH more to live for than just wanting a baby. Personally, i feel sorry for them... that they feel that this is an option for them. I would be seeking professional advice and get to the underlying reason of why they want the option of a lifetime of responsibility as such a young age. so, so sad


Anon - November 16

Ok...it's not that a teen mother wont love her baby, or care for it. It's just the simple fact they cant provide financially for the baby. It is better for a mother and her baby if the mother finishes at least high school, gets some kind of job where the mother can survive on her own if need be, It's not the teen mother PROVIDING for the baby, its the teen mothers family...or the teen father's family, or even better the one i enjoy most...the government paying for this child. which is really like my tax dollars that I pay out. Teens are just that...teens, still children. They need to be worrying about going out with their girlfriends on the weekends, and pa__sing notes in cla__s, not having s_x...I am not saying that I was perfect as a teen, but at least make the guy wear a condom...or the girls need birth control...I could go on and on..I know you can still get pregnant even when trying to use some form of birth control, but if all of these teens had used it....it would be a way lower number of them that are pregnant right now.


Elizabeth - November 16

Thankyou For the response good and bad input everyone is ent_tled to their oppion but e and Lisa what you dont know about me is I am graduated with honors a great family Im in college working towards my PhD in Physiological Science and Me and my Fiance are from wealthy families and are more than ready to support a baby financially and emotionally Reguardless of my age I am more than willing to give my baby a good, loving life and so can alot of other women. Maturity is something alot of adults lack and kids in this day and age have to grow up alot faster my baby brother pa__sed away a few years ago this baby would mean soo much to me and my family. Karen Congratulations and Thankyou so much for your comment Im so happy that my feelings were able to touch you pregnancy is an amazing thing that alot of woman are not able to experience and are forced to adopt girls like me are given a blessing no matter how old we are why do people celebrate a unmarried 30 yr old low income mothers pregnancy but when a teen gets pregnant its a catastrophe!! I may Not fit into some peoples idea of the way society should be but I am me and in America we all are given the right to what we choose to do and its no one elses right to judge. Not all girls are in the same situation as me but thats something that teen must decide.


v - November 17

the reason why ppl are so against teen pregnancy is that you have to look at statistics,not every teen in here is as wealthy as you..and you trying to encourage them to have s_x and have the baby that they want so badly cause they think they are so cute, not all ppl have the luxarys you do. but Best wishes to you still!God Bless


heather - November 17

Hi elizabeth, I dont know why people critasize but in my oppinion I dont think being a certin age should have to do with how responsible and mature you are to have a child..I am expecting in 34 weeks and i am now 17. i am happy and wouldnt go back for a sec. I have to hold off alot of things and i wish i would have waited but its comming wether i want it to or not.. so im enjoying it. good luck on conceiving. dont give up. *heather*


E - November 17

Elizabeth, that is wonderful that you have such a support system and are educated but your situation is not the norm of teen preganacy. The norm of teen pregnancy involves a lack of primary education, single parent homes, lack of money for the basics, lack of maturity... I could go on. Yes, they still love their babies but is that enough to warrant bringing a life into this world under the most unideal circ_mstances? I am sickened at all of the bashing that goes on in this forum but am equally disgusted by the 14 year olds that want a baby to fill the voids in their lives. Best wishes to you and I am so happy you are working on securing a wonderful future for your family!! Getting a PhD is much work, my husband has one in the biosciences and I was with him through the full 4 years so I am aware of the juggling you have to do btw family and school.


Lisa - November 17

I agree that some teenage mothers are equipped both emotionally, financially and secure enough to provide for a baby, specially if they have a good support system and are able to finish their education. I think that is fantastic, and its such a releif to know that some are as mature and responsible as Elizabeth seems to be. Unfortunately, for most teens they don't have the luxury or the support, benefit, nor the opportunity to continue on or pursue their education, which i feel would account for most teenage mums. I have absolutely NO doubt that the teen mums are able to love their children and raise them in the best way possible, given their circ_mstances. My teenage daughter has friends with children and babies, and all of them do a great job, they give up a lot for their kids and provide for their children as best as they can. I respect and admire them for being such good mums to their kids, but the down side is that they do struggle financially and a few of them are without partners to help them. Thankfully, they have supportive parents, but ultimately, the burden is on them to raise the child and give up the best part of their lives to dedicate their time to another person. My mother was a teen mum, but she never have a great life, and was always working and struggling to provide, that meant that we were without a mum for most of the time as we had a dad that was selfish and inconsiderate. I don't want to hurt peoples feelings on here, nor do i want to criticize, but some of the posts on here really do make me angry when a lot of the reactions to opinions are based on ridiculous, baseless justifications on why teens want babies. I know a lot of the teen mums on here will be giving the same advice to other teen mums when they are older and have really experienced life with children. Good luck to all the teen mums, I'm sure you will continue to do a great job



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