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Taylor - December 13

Why everytime me and my boyfriend have s_x my hole tighting up and it hurt everytime he put it in. and now it got to the point that i dont like to have s_x and he think i'm having s_x with other people. he my the first person i ever been with so i never really experience any thing and i dont know what to do or how to do. I' m 18 and he is19. and it not like it my first time went a minute almost 3 i been having s_x. And it get to the point were it start to hurt so bad i make him stop. what should i do please. May s_x is just not for me


shae - December 13

hi you should go see your doctor my friend had that problem and they were able to fix it so it didnt hurt anymore good luck :)


skinnyminny - December 13

try lubricant.


TO Taylor - December 13

Not to be rude Taylor, but the next time you post can you read what you just type before you send it through. Ok back to your question, is there any fore play? are you using a lubricant? If all else fails see your OB/GYN.


lauren - December 13

are you pregnant? if u are i had the same problem at the beggining of my pregnancy but it goes after a couple of weeks... also try not to have s_x every day just limit it to 2-3 time a week that is what i have done ok :)


to taylor - December 13

We need mor info.How tall are you?How big is he? TO TAYLOR pointed out good seggestions.Once you become s_xually active going to the OB/GYN once a year is the responsible think to do.What about birth control.Are you on it?Condoms,for proction agaist STD's.Two forums of BC are better then one.


J - December 14

What the hell are you going on about?


jo - December 14

This will come off as rude but is he cheating on you.I know you will say NEVER.Woman of all ages get cheated on and say "it will never happen to me".If it all of a sudden hurts it could be a STD.Being you used condomes you may have not gotten it before.Some symtoms take a while to show.I don't know you or I'M NOT SAYING HE IS CHEATING.From a outsiders point of view it is a possible reason considering you are responsible person when it comes to your health.Pleas don't get mad I am not judging.I want you to be right that he isn't.By the way have you conisidered lauren's question about being preg?


to taylor/allyson - December 14

Have you ever had a yeast infection?


misti - December 14

maybe your just not turned on enugh?


ektemel - December 22

fat b___h


? - December 22

If after you have been together and it never hurt before,and now it does somthing isn't right.Just go to a doctor.



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