WHy Dont They Believe Me

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Julie - August 4

I found out i was pregnant four days ago and i took to test (both positive) and thenme and my bf told his parents and they dont want to believe it they think its a mistake... was it this hard for your parents... and for you... im 17 and me and my bf are excited to death we have a baby on the way but i think he is getting even more scared because he just lets his dad talk down to him and tell him we havent thought anythign through.... and we have.... is driving me nuts and i hate bein a mean person but little things set me into a mood swing and i turn into like a nazi ruler or somerthing.... Sorry guys i had to vent!


Wanda from NM - August 4

It sounds like his parents are in denial, and that's just the att_tude that the father's parents take sometimes. I would get over to Planned Parenthood, take a test there, and then get a letter saying you are pregnant. Then, after sharing this letter with his parents, I would go over to the WIC office, and Medicaid office, and get started with both those programs. This will show the parents you are thinking ahead, and that you don't plan on depending on them for the care of your baby. I wouldn't be surprised if the parents start denying that the baby is the father's, sometimes, that comes up during teen pregnancies. But as long as you and the father are on the same page, this shouldn't be an issue. Good luck to you and your baby!


Brittany - August 4

My dad and stepmom were in denial. They knew their decision about what I should do and they told me every morning when I woke up the benefits of it. I didn't want what they wanted so I moved with my mom who stood by my side through everything...even the birth of my baby boy. It'll take your bf's parents awhile to start accepting it as it took my dad awhile as well. Don't worry, you'll have your ups and downs but just know your carrying a life and thats more important than what others think. This is their grandchild, no denying a little grand baby. Good luck.


anon - August 4

his father probably thinks he's foolish for getting you pregnant. he should be listening to his parents and taking their advice. the both of you have no idea at your age. i seriously doubt your relationship will last longer than a year....his parents know better


B - August 4

My bf and I have been together for two years before my baby was born. My son is now 10 months old and my bf NOW fiance' is still with me. Relationships can work, my fiance' and I got c___p from our parents too!


annabelle - August 6

totally sounds like they`re in denial, but u and ur b/f are the only ones who can make these decisions, you might want to consider hearing them out, because they are older and have seen more, but really it`s up to u guys. It sounds like ur planning on keeping ur baby so another thing i would do is make sure u make a doctors appointment so u can start prenatal care. And what have your parents said about this, or have u only told his parents? And by the way, Anon, i realize that not all relationships last, but who r u to judge? way to be discouraging.....



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