Why Is Everone So Mad About Welfare

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I'm Me - November 1

I'm just curious as to why people get so mad about others using welfare. I mean, everything is taxed for one reason or another. Do you hear smokers complain about cigarette taxes? Not really. Or groceries that are taxed? Not really. The only thing that bothers me are people like my family that LIVE on aid. My family gets cash, medical, the whole nine yards. None of them work and they are all eligible to go but they don't. Then they spend it all on beer and cigarettes. That is what bothers me. But as for everyone whining and moaning over teen moms using it, Why would you be so selfish not to want to help an innocent child and a young woman trying to do right by said child? Everyone pays taxes, including my husband. We are not on aid but I am not upset about certain people in situations where they need it. People need to start looking at the big picture instead of complaining about it coming out of their pocket. If I was to need it I wouldn't hesitate to get it. If some people are lucky enough to live without assistance forever, kudos, but those that aren't so lucky shouldn't be judged.


CAROL - November 1

I agree with the above statement. If you some of you are upset about government aid being used, move to equitorial Africa where there is no aid system. Maybe their impoverished lives suit your needs so much the better.


I three - November 1

When used in the right way it is a great program.Ther's nothing wrong with a little boost once in a while.


Bonnie - November 1

People complain about anyone (teens or not) PURPOSELY becoming pregnant then living off Welfare. People should not be TTC whilst expecting othes to pay for it. But very few people complain about someone )teen or not) being on Welfare when they accidently got pregnant (i.e. used a condem but it broke, etc. etc.). There is a difference.


sam - November 1

Cause all the rich republicans don't want to give up a little money to help others. The rich are always greedy, that's how they're rich and they want to stay that way.


Liana - November 1

sam, its not even about the rich being greedy, its that the people that are hard workers have percentage of their paychecks ( that they WORKED for!!) taken away to be given to people that sit on their a__ses and do nothing. Of course there are some cases of people that really do need it and don't abuse is such as single mothers but face it the majority goes to low lives that are too lazy. Nobody wants to take it away fromthose who need it, just those that are capable of working for their money!!! I am a single mother and I work hard for everything I have and it annoys me personally that some 35 year old guy is at his local beer barn buying booze for our money!!!!!!!


I'm Me - November 1

The reason I say teens is because when a 14-17 year old says they want a kid, people automatically asume they are going to live off aid. I wouldn't encourage it but I am not them so who am I to judge. If a 25 year old says they want a kid, no one even mentions aid or if they have a job. I'm glad so many are seeing the differance between milking the system and actually needing help. :o) Yay


Hi - November 1

I am not a teen and all my pregnancies have been planned and we need a__sistance. There is no way that we can afford healthcare for myself or our children and we make it from month to month. I thank God for healthy start-I think it is a wonderful program that allows those who can't afford healthcare to get care. But no one looks at the flip side, look at all the social security that you pay and you're never going to see-


Tam - November 1

the difference is my dear is that...people who drink and smoke are making a choice. if they wanna pay the taxes, its up to them!! people who live off welfare make the choice for them. they don't get a say in it do they!!


TO: I'm Me - November 1

I agree with welfare IF the person receiving it is also trying to do something for themselves and their family. I DO NOT agree with it, if they just sit on there a__s all day and do nothing. I was in the Social Security Office the other day getting a new card and this hispanic girl answered her cell phone. Tells the person on the other side that she sleeps all day then she says she has to go to the welfare office to get a new card b/c her purse got stolen. So basically she is using welfare money to pay for her cell phone, and she admitted that all she does is sleep all day. Great, I love working hard every day while these people get to sit there and do nothing and even though it is pretty minimal they get support so they can have food, clothes and housing and I am helping pay for it. It p__ses me off, b/c I work hard and my husband and I support our family off what we make and it's not that much, but I would never go to the welfare office, ask for money and then sit on my fat a__s all day.


I'm me - November 1

You know, that was just rude. Paula, my husband works and we don't need welfare, but if we did I would go apply. You have no right saying that people shouldn't have kids because they need a__sistance. If they are working and it's still not enough, just consider it them getting the taxes they paid in back. That way your greedy behind won't have to think of it as them spending YOUR hard earned money.


to Paula - November 1

If you guys were working as hard as the rest of us you wouldn't need a__sistance, whats you excuse for not making enough???? MAybe not working enough?I have two kids aswell...


Sara - November 1

We are mad because first off if you cant afford a baby dont have one and I dont work my a__s off everyday so you can sit on yours I see so many people on it and never get off and just keep having babies get off your b___t and get a job I am tired of paying for you and for the teens stop using it as a way to get out of school


Hi!! - November 2

Paula-you can kiss my a__s!!! My husband works hard!! I work and I am a full time student in college-I am far from being a teen and we can't afford Health insurance!! So that means I can't have kids because I can't afford 10 grand??? Excuse me, and we make decent money and pay taxes!!! The rates for being eligible are high for health care because the government feels its important that EVERYONE who qualifies gets care. If I had it my way, this country would be like others where the goverment takes care of healthcare costs for citizens. HEALTHCARE IS NOT JUST FOR THE RICH AND THOSE WHO CAN AFFORD IT!!! RATES ARE REDICULOUS AND SO IS EVERYTHING YOU POSTED!!! NOR IS HAVING KIDS!!! WE FEED AND CARE FOR OUR KIDS THANKS.


Hi - November 2

I agree with me, its all good and fine to criticize those in need of help, be it they are teens or senior citizens, GOD forbid if people like Paula ever need aid, she'd probably let her kids starve before she'd apply, being too proud is a horrible thing!!!!


Hi - November 2

Exactly, and people-especially older women want to complain about where the taxes are going. It is a fact that the health of an economy is one of the most important factors for economic growth. So, whats the big deal??? When I was making 13.50 an hour, and had 200-300 hundred dollars taken out of my check for taxes, it sucked. But I am sooo glad that the healthcare was available to me when I got wrote off work and my insurance lapsed in my 9 month. Had to find a new doc and everything!! Thank god for the system!!


sara - November 2

sorry dissagree I work my a__s off as if I didnt i would have to be on welfare i got preg at 18 and the first thing we did was open a business for ourselfs and to this day now on #3 we work very hard we didnt want welfare and didnt need it there is always a way to go it just take alittle brains and hard work so the ones on it I see so many complain bout dayu care ect how to get there well dear the bus get up eairlier you wanted kids now take care of them yourself



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