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JACKII - September 14

HEY. you all... well my name is Jackie..im 15 and I been writing.. and waiting for answers...but I seem to only be getting ignored...if not...I only get like ONE answer..that really doesn't help... but anywayz. my last period started on aug. 21 . it lasts 6 days and I have a 29-30 day cycle..well... me and my boyfriend had s_x on Sept, 2 -6- 8 and he came in me every time ..now..I was wondering if there's A BIG chance of me being pregnant? or a small chance? ( im not looking for any smart answers.. so keep ur stupid ass comments to ur self..) also.. when you have conceive 'd already dose your cervix come down low? or is there anything in your cervix that changes during this time? like will there be anything comin down? like discarcges and stuff???... I really want to know if I am pregnant.. so I was also wondering if I take a blood test will it be free?( I live in Maryland) and in how long will I get the results? and how early can a blood test detect pregnancy? plz any answer would really help...so to all of you who do answer THANK YOU..


Angelina - September 14

Well i can say for one, you get ignored because your on a teen site and no one knows how much of a chance you have of getting pregnant, neither are we trying to promote teens trying to get pregnant.If you want to know more on what happens during pregnancy why dont you just look up a site about it just like you did this site.


Jamie - September 14

On the left side of the screen under "Pregnancy Topics" it says "Am I pregnant?" click on that and enter that info in there and it will tell you what your chances are.I tried to do it for you but I didn't know if you were having any symptoms or not so I left that part blank and it told me you have an 11% chance.I have a 26% chance but you need to do a test.Is there anyway you can get a test?If you can get to the doctor too you should.Also go to www.paternityangel.com.Click on "Due Date Calcs" and do the "266 day with personalized schedual" it will show you what will happen and when IF you are pregnant.If you find out you are pregnant then you should either print it out or write it out..whichever.Keep me posted.I hope I helped a little bit.



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